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SSB FantendoSmashBrosBeckSSB FantendoSmashBros
Flowster from Beyond
Finishing Strike Flowverdrive
Home Stage Macrobeacon
Tier TBD
Availability Starting

Beck is a starting character in F-Strikers. He hails from the Fantendo Smash Bros. series.


A young man who can manipulate the strange energy form known as Flow. Hailing from "our" Earth, Beck was brought into the Fantendoverse by mistake. However, after various misadventures, and realizing the difficulty of returning home, Beck decided to stay in the Fantendoverse for good.

Beck's once irritable personality has now lightened, as he has become more proficient in his abilities. As such, he has also grown more confident.


Beck is a floaty fighter, with a focus on combos and mobility.


Type Name Description
FS Normals Icon
Neutral Normal (ground) Beck punches, then afterwards can either rapidly punch many times or punch only once, but stronger.
Side Normal (ground) Beck kicks horizontally, across his body.
Up Normal (ground) Beck quickly uppercuts, slightly rising while doing so.
Down Normal (ground) Beck sweeps around with his leg.
Neutral Normal (air) Beck performs a sex kick.
Side Normal (air)
Up Normal (air)
Down Normal (air) Beck spins with his legs extended, acting like a drill.
FS Specials Icon
Neutral Special Accelerush
Side Special (ground) Slipstream
Side Special (air) Axe Buster
Up Special Cloudbreaker Kick
Down Special Flow Flip When used on the ground, Beck flips himself into the air, with his direction being altered with the stick. By pressing V2Action Green again during the flip, Beck will kick downward onto opponents at a slight angle; pressing V2Action Redwill cancel into an aerial.
FS Universal Mechanics Icon
Technique Flow Cancel
Mind Strike
Finishing Strike Floverdrive Beck powers up, and his Flow Meter fills completely. While it drains, Beck is faster, and can use Flow Cancel at any time with no cost. However, he is left with an empty meter in the end.


  • Taunt - Puts one hand in his pocket, the other behind his head, closes his eyes and lies back in the air.
  • Victory Pose - Beck rushes forward, then flips kicks, posing when he lands.



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