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F-Strikers MIND is a platform fighting game developed by Sixgon for the V2. It is a "dream match" crossover between many Fantendo characters.


F-Strikers plays much like a standard Smash Bros. game: the goal is to knock your opponent off of the stage. However, there are notable differences.

First, the damage counter is instead a Damage Meter. It fills as a player takes damage, and when it is full, (roughly "100%") knockback is capped. Therefore, combos become more important than simply bashing your opponent to 999%.

As opposed to most fighting games, F-Strikers also lacks blocking. Instead, simple Dodging is implemented. The Left and Right Bottom Triggers will initiate a dodge in that direction. Both triggers at once will initiate a stationary dodge. Because there is no blocking, standard grabs and throws are also absent.

While running is present, there is no dash attack.

Below the red Damage Meter is the Energy Meter, a blue meter broken into three segments. Every player begins the match with one segment filled, and dealing or taking enough damage will fill another. The Energy Meter can be spent to perform various actions.

In α Groove, pressing the Left Shoulder Button will perform an Alpha Reversal. Alpha Reversals are basic counters, which initiate an invulnerable attack if struck with an attack. Grab based attacks will, however, beat out the pre-counter stance. Performing a Mind Strike will cost one segment of the Energy Meter.

In Ω Groove, pressing the Left Shoulder Button will perform an Omega Blow. Omega Blows are slower attack, however they deal immense knockback and have some invulnerabilities (mainly to grabs). Performing a Mind Strike will cost one segment of the Energy Meter.

The Groove System may also alter a character's playstyle.

Pressing the Right Shoulder Button will execute your fighter's Finishing Strike. These are ultra-powerful moves, dealing immense damage or having great coverage. However, Finishing Strikes cost a full Energy Meter. Finishing Strikes can be disabled at the battle options menu (if so, the Right Shoulder Button will perform a Groove Ability instead).

Every fighter can use their Technique by pressing V2Action Purple. Techniques often tie directly into a fighter's gimmick or playstyle, and as such are integral to gameplay. How they function is very character specific.

F-Strikers features no items. However, hearts of varying sizes, which remove damage, may be enabled from the battle options menu.



  • V2Directional/Left Thumbstick - Movement
  • V2Action Red - Normal
  • V2Action Green - Special
  • V2Action Blue - Jump
  • Left Bottom Trigger/Right Bottom Trigger - Dodge
  • Left Shoulder Button - Groove Ability
  • Right Shoulder Button - Finishing Strike
  • V2Action Purple - Technique
  • Select - Taunt


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