Gender Male
Status Alive
Origin Argon
Resides Portlock
Species Ragnar
Game Info
Affiliations Thin Ice
Allies Hade
Weapons Claws, Tail, Poisonous Bite
Alignment Neutral
Games Insurrection

Ezra is an unlockable playable character in Insurrection.


Ragnar are a deceiving, deadly, and dauntless race, and Ezra is no exception. Joining the gang Thin Ice to demonstrate his physical strength, as well as for the thrill of danger, he is the gang's brute force. Despite the gang's small size, he has no strong relationship with the rest of them, mostly due to being constantly assigned work on his own, rather than with another member.


Ezra is a burly, pale green, humanoid lizard with a mane of long, dark green spikes at the back of his head, and has reddish-brown markings extending from his eyes to the top of his head. He has an abundance of short, sharp teeth that are coated in a fatal venom. For his outfit, wears a white shirt with a dull brown puffer vest, and dark gray, ripped denim shorts. Ezra also has long claws on both his hands and feet, and a long, spiked tail.


Character Relationships





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