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Ezekiel is a villain introduced in Doodleland: Hack/Space. He later showed up as the final boss in Double Decked.


Ezekiel is a curious figure due to his Incarn marking on his head, suggesting he was from Incarn. He is also robed, but has parts of him showing that suggest he is a skeleton.

He also was the one carrying Dark Scribble's ashes and reforged the Z-Blade.


Ezekiel can use Dark Magic and has excellent sword skills. He also is proficient in multitasking, and can teleport from foes.



In his brown form, he is efficient in both Dark Worx and using his blade. He can also teleport. This was form was seen in both Doodleland: Hack/Space and Double Decked and it is his default form.


In his black robes, he also gains a gas mask that wraps around his skull. His arms have become pure darkness and he gains two blades, both of which are gunblades.

He has all of his abilities from his Brown Form, except a lot stronger and if applied directly, can momentarily cut off a victim's vision.


His Equinox form has both white and black wrapping around his robes and he looses the gas mask. He does not loose the gunblades, and he has the ability to shoot lasers and limited flight. He is also extremely quick and agile, and some of his abilities derive from the Paradox Shards.


This final form appears when he has absorbed power from Dark Flow Balls. It mutates his skull and causes him to become much larger. He gains all abilities from the Equinox Form and is nearly unstoppable.

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