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Lucha Underground Roster

Male wrestlers

Image Ring name Real name Position Finishing Moves Notes
Aero Star (2)
Aero Star Undisclosed Upper Midcarder
  • Imploding 450° splash
  • Imploding senton bomb
  • Shooting star press
  • Springboard splash
  • Super front flip piledriver
Lucha Underground Trios Champion
Angelico Adam Bridle Upper Midcarder
  • Cruceta Invertidas (Reverse figure-four leglock)
  • Fall of the Angels (Running crucifix turnbuckle powerbomb)
  • Superman Senton (Senton bomb)
Argenis Undisclosed Lower Midcarder
  • Asai moonsault
  • Triple jump moonsault
Cage Brian Button Upper Midcarder
  • Discus lariat
  • Drill Claw (Vertical suplex piledriver)
  • Weapon X (Gory special reverse STO)
Chavo Guerrero
Chavo Guerrero Jr. Salvador Guerrero IV Upper Midcarder
  • Frog splash
  • Gory bomb
Ricky Reyes
Cortez Castro Rick Diaz Midcarder
  • Dragon sleeper with bodyscissors
  • Superkick to a kneeling or seated opponent
Daga Manuel Angel Olivo Midcarder
  • Daga Suplex (Double chickenwing suplex)
  • Estilete (Modified backbreaker rack into a one-armed side slam)
Shawn Daivari
DelAvar Daivari Dara Daivari Midcarder
  • Camel clutch
  • Diving leg drop
Drago Victor Flores Upper Midcarder
  • Dragon's Lair (Flying headscissors transitioned into a rolling crucifix hold)
  • Front flip piledriver
Lucha Underground Trios Champion
Rey Horus
Dragon Azteca Jr. Undisclosed Upper Midcarder
  • 450° splash
  • Super hurricanrana
Dr Wagner Jr
Dr. Wagner Jr. Juan Manuel Gonzalez Barron Upper Midcarder
  • Rope-hung DDT
  • Sitout powerbomb
  • Wagner Driver (Sitout scoop slam piledriver)
E S D L Muerte
El Sinestro De La Muerte Clemente Hernandez Midcarder
  • Springboard elbow
  • Superkick
Famous B
Famous B Brian Winbush Midcarder
  • 450° splash
  • Flashing Lights Superkick (Superkick)
  • Shooting star press
Fenix Undisclosed Main Eventer
  • Corkscrew somersault senton
  • Fenix Driver (Sitout double underhook powerbomb)
  • Fire Thunder Driver (Sitout cradle belly-to-belly piledriver)
  • La Garra del Fenix (Diving double knee drop to a seated opponent's chest)
  • Spanish Fly (Moonsault slam)
Fireball Undisclosed Midcarder
  • Fire Fly (Standing moonsault side slam)
Jack Evans
Jack Evans Jack Miller Upper Midcarder
  • 630° senton
  • Ode to Blitzkrieg (Standing corkscrew shooting star press followed by a standing corkscrew senton)
  • Stuntin' 101 (Springboard corkscrew moonsault)
Joey Ryan
Joey Ryan Joseph Meehan Midcarder
  • End Scene (Kimura with bodyscissors)
  • Mustache Ride (Super swinging neckbreaker)
  • Pedigree (Double underhook facebuster)
  • That '70s Kick (Superkick)
Johnny Mundo
Johnny Mundo John Hennigan Main Eventer
  • End of the World (Split-legged corkscrew moonsault)
Kill Shot
Kill Shot Unknown Midcarder
  • 450° splash
  • Revolution Brainbuster (Twisting brainbuster)
  • Swerve Stomp (Diving double foot stomp to a seated opponent's chest)
King Cuerno
King Cuerno Undisclosed Upper Midcarder
  • Bridging German suplex
  • Thrill of the Hunt (Samoan driver)
  • Thrill of the Kill (Spinning cradle kneeling reverse piledriver)
Willie Mack
The Mack Willie McClinton Upper Midcarder
  • Chocolate Thunder Bomb (Scoop lift sitout powerbomb)
  • Chocolate Thunder Driver (Over-the-shoulder reverse piledriver)
  • Stunner
Marty Martinez
Marty Martinez Martin Casaus Midcarder
  • Diving Curb Stomp
  • Perfector (Rolling cutter)
  • Sharpshooter
  • Striking spear
Matanza Jeffrey Cobb Main Eventer
  • Bridging German suplex
  • Sitout powerbomb
  • Standing shooting star press
  • Swinging chokeslam
  • Tour of the Islands (Reverse-spin scoop powerslam)
  • Triple rolling gutwrench suplex
Lucha Underground Champion
Mil Muertes
Mil Muertes Gilbert Cosme Main Eventer
  • Dagger in the Heart (Spear)
  • Flatliner (Reverse STO)
Lil Cholo2
Mr. Cisco Unknown Midcarder
  • Driveby (Rolling elbow smash)
  • Flying somersault senton
Paul London
Paul London Paul London Upper Midcarder
  • 450° splash
  • Shooting star press
Pentagon Jr (2)
Pentagon Jr. Undisclosed Main Eventer
  • Fear Factor (Package piledriver)
  • Pentagon Driver (Pumphandle half nelson driver)
  • The Sacrifice (Grounded hammerlock inverted armbar)
P Escarlata
Pimpinela Escarlata Mario Lozano Lower Midcarder
  • Brainbuster
  • Swinging DDT
PJ Black
PJ Black Paul Lloyd Jr. Upper Midcarder
  • 450° splash
  • Black Diamond (Inverted crucifix cutter)
  • Moonsault onto a standing opponent transitioned into an inverted DDT
Prince Puma
Prince Puma Trevor Mann Main Eventer
  • 630° senton
  • Vertigo (Inverted facelock lifted and dropped into a sitout scoop slam piledriver)
Rey Mysterio
Rey Mysterio Jr. Oscar Gutierrez Main Eventer
  • 619 (Tiger feint kick to the head of an opponent draped over the second rope); followed by
    • Diving splash
    • Flip piledriver
    • Frog splash
    • West Coast Pop (Springboard hurricanrana)
Ricky Mandel
Ricky Mandel Richard Mathey Lower Midcarder
  • Boston crab
  • Superkick
Sami Callahan
Sami Callihan Samuel Johnston Midcarder
  • Headlock driver
  • Stretch Muffler (Over-the-shoulder single leg Boston crab)
Son Of Havoc
Son of Havoc Matthew Capiccioni Upper Midcarder
  • Death from Above (Corkscrew 450° splash)
  • Shooting star press
Texano Juan Leos Upper Midcarder
  • Final Kick (Savate kick)
  • Mexican Dream (Swinging side slam)
  • Sitout powerbomb
  • Tornado Texas (Fireman's carry DDT)
Vinny Massaro
Vinny Massaro Vince Massaro Lower Midcarder
  • Spinning piledriver

Female wrestlers

Image Ring name Real name Position Finishing Moves Notes
Angela FCW
Black Lotus Angela Fong Midcarder
  • Sake Bomb (Inverted DDT)
Ivelisse (2)
Ivelisse Ivelisse Velez Upper Midcarder
  • Desert Eagle (Sunset flip powerbomb)
  • Disdain (Wheelbarrow DDT)
  • Front chancery transitioned into a DDT
  • Guillotine choke
Kobra Moon
Kobra Moon Melissa Cervantes Midcarder
  • Reverse DDT
  • Snake Sleeper (Sleeper hold with bodyscissors)
Mariposa Melissa Anderson Midcarder
  • Air Raid Crash (Over-the-shoulder back-to-belly piledriver)
  • Kondo Clutch (Inverted cloverleaf)
  • Kudo Driver (Back-to-back double underhook piledriver)
Sexy Star
Sexy Star Dulce Garcia Rivas Upper Midcarder
  • Swinging fisherman suplex
Gift of the Gods Champion
Taya Valkyrie2
Taya Kira Forster Midcarder
  • Northern Lights suplex followed by a double foot stomp
  • Swinging side slam
Valet of Johnny Mundo

Other on-air personnel

Image Ring name Real name Notes
Catrina Karlee Perez Valet of Mil Muertes
Dario Cuerto
Dario Cueto Luis Fernandez-Gil On-air authority figure; manager of Matanza

Broadcast team

Image Ring name Real name Notes
Hugo Savinovich
Hugo Savinovich Hugo Savinovich Spanish play-by-play commentator
Matt striker
Matt Striker Matt Striker English play-by-play commentator
Vampiro Ian Hodgkinson English and Spanish color commentator

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