Consejo Mundial de Lucha Libre Roster

Male wrestlers

Image Ring name Real name Position Finishing Moves Notes
Adam Rose (EWR)
Akuma Undisclosed Lower Midcarder
  • La Valagueza (Elevated cradle neckbreaker)
AJ Styles (EWR)
Angel de Oro Undisclosed Midcarder
  • Arras de Ora (Cradle roll-up pin)
  • La Mecedora (Inverted Boston crab)
  • Moonsault
CMLL World Light Heavyweight Champion
Alberto Del Rio
Apocalipsis Juan Contreras Lower Midcarder
  • Diving splash
Big E 1
Arkangel de la Muerte Undisclosed Lower Midcarder
  • La Espectrina (Suspended inverted octopus hold)
  • Liger Bomb (Running high-angle sitout powerbomb)
Big Show (EWR)
Artillero Undisclosed Lower Midcarder
  • Gory bomb
Bo Dallas (EWR)
Atlantis Undisclosed Main Eventer
  • Atlantida (Spinning backbreaker rack)
Braun Strowman
Barbaro Cavernario Undisclosed Midcarder
  • La Cavernaria (Seated surfboard)
Bray Wyatt (EWR)
Bengala Undisclosed Midcarder
  • La Sombrina (Springboard rolling prawn hold)
  • Plancha suicida
  • Satellite Octopus Clutch (Tilt-a-whirl headscissors armbar)
Brock Lesnar
Blue Panther Genaro Vasquez Upper Midcarder
  • El Nudo Lagunero (Standing figure-four leglock)
Bubba Ray Dudley (EWR)
Blue Panther Jr. Undisclosed Midcarder
  • El Nudo Lagunero (Standing figure-four leglock)
Bobby Z Unverified Lower Midcarder
  • Liger Bomb (Running high-angle sitout powerbomb)
Curtis Axel (EWR)
Brazo de Oro Jesus Alvarado Midcarder
  • La Bracina (Armbar)
D-Von Dudley (EWR)
Cancerbero Daniel Hernandez Midcarder
  • Running somersault plancha
Damien Sandow
Canelo Casas Unverified Midcarder
  • La Casita (Arm wrench inside cradle)
Darren Young (EWR)
Comandante Pierroth Arthur Munoz Midcarder
  • Diving elbow drop
  • Powerbomb
Dean Ambrose (EWR)
Delta Undisclosed Upper Midcarder
  • Moonsault
  • Ringpost moonsault
Diego (EWR) (2)
Diamante Azul Undisclosed Midcarder
  • El Escudo (Inverted pendulum backbreaker submission)
Erick Rowan (EWR)
Dragon Lee Undisclosed Midcarder
  • Bridging package fallaway slam
  • Diving double foot stomp to an opponent held in the tree of woe
Fandango (EWR)
Dragon Rojo Jr. Undisclosed Upper Midcarder
  • Patadas Laguneras (Front dropkick to an opponent suspended in the ropes, after jumping over the ropes onto the apron)
  • Sitout powerbombb
CMLL World Middleweight Champion
Fernando (WWE)
El Felino Jorge Casas Upper Midcarder
  • La Casita (Arm wrench inside cradle)
Goldust (EWR)
El Gallo Undisclosed Lower Midcarder
  • El Espolon (Backbreaker drop)
  • La Reinera (Modified spinning backbreaker rack)
Heath Slater (EWR)
El Satanico Daniel Lopez Midcarder
  • El Nudo del Satanico (Standing figure-four leglock)
Jack Swagger (EWR)
El Terrible Damian Gutierrez Main Eventer
  • La Terriblina (Belly-to-back inverted mat slam)
  • Modified figure-four leglock
  • Over-the-shoulder back-to-belly piledriver
Jey Uso (EWR)
Ephesto Undisclosed Upper Midcarder
  • La Safarina (Inverted three-quarter figure-four surfboard)
  • Shoulderbreaker
Jimmy Uso (EWR)
Esfinge Undisclosed Lower Midcarder
  • Nudo Egipico (Inverted Indian deathlock into a bridging pin)
John Cena (EWR)
Espanto Jr. Undisclosed Lower Midcarder
  • Diving leg drop
  • Gory Driver (Gory special into a facebuster)
  • Over-the-shoulder back-to-belly piledriver
Kalisto 2
Euforia Undisclosed Midcarder
  • Euforia Special (Pumphandle gourdbuster / elbow drop combination submission)
  • La Tapatia (Surfboard)
Fuego Undisclosed Midcarder
  • La Flashina (La magistral roll-up variation)
Kevin Owens 2
Fujin Yohei Komatsu Lower Midcarder
  • Running elbow strike
King Barrett (EWR)
Guerrero Maya Jr. Undisclosed Upper Midcarder
  • Sacrificio Maya (Back-to-belly piledriver)
Kofi Kingston 6
Hechicero Undisclosed Lower Midcarder
  • El Conjuro (Swinging backbreaker)
Konnor (EWR)
Hijo del Signo Undisclosed Lower Midcarder
  • Plancha Missionero (Plancha)
Luke Harper
Inquisidor Undisclosed Midcarder
  • Discus clothesline
  • Discus lariat
Inactive; knee injury
Mark Henry (EWR)
Mark Henry Mark Henry Midcarder
  • World's Strongest Slam (Falling powerslam)
  • World's Strongest Splash (Running splash)
The Miz
The Miz Michael Mizanin Midcarder
  • Skull-Crushing Finale (Full nelson facebuster)
Neville (EWR)
Neville Benjamin Satterley Midcarder
  • Red Arrow (Corkscrew shooting star press)
Inactive; ankle injury
R-Truth (EWR)
R-Truth Ronnie Killings Midcarder
  • Little Jimmy (Leaping reverse STO)
Randy Orton (EWR)
Randy Orton Randall Orton Main Eventer
  • RKO (Jumping cutter)
  • Running punt kick to an opponent's head
Inactive; shoulder injury
The Rock
The Rock Dwayne Johnson Part-Time Wrestler
  • People's Elbow (Running delayed high-impact elbow drop, with theatrics)
  • Rock Bottom (Lifting side slam)
Roman Reigns (EWR)
Roman Reigns Leati Anoa'i Main Eventer
  • Spear
Rusev (EWR)
Rusev Miroslav Barnyashev Midcarder
  • The Accolade (Camel clutch)
  • Jumping side kick
  • Superkick
Ryback (EWR)(2)
Ryback Ryan Reeves Midcarder
  • Shell Shocked (Cradle suplex lifted and dropped into a running horizontal muscle buster, with theatrics)
Sami Zayn (EWR)
Sami Zayn Remi Sebei Midcarder
  • Helluva Kick (Running big boot to a cornered opponent)
  • Reverse STO followed by a Koji clutch
Seth Rollins (EWR)
Seth Rollins Colby Lopez Main Eventer
  • Pedigree (Double underhook facebuster)
Inactive; knee injury
Shane McMahon (EWR)
Shane McMahon Shane McMahon Part-Time Wrestler
  • Coast to Coast (Corner-to-corner front missile dropkick)
  • Leap of Faith (Diving elbow drop)
Sheamus (EWR)
Sheamus Stephen Farrelly Upper Midcarder
  • Brogue Kick (Running bicycle kick)
Sin Cara II (EWR)
Sin Cara Jorge Arias Midcarder
  • Dragon Bomb (High-angle senton bomb)
  • Victory roll to an opponent on the top rope
Stardust (EWR)
Stardust Cody Runnels Midcarder
  • The Queen's Crossbow (Rolling cutter)
Sting Steve Borden Part-Time Wrestler
  • Scorpion Death Drop (Inverted DDT)
  • Scorpion Deathlock (Sharpshooter)
Inactive; neck injury
Titus O'Neil (EWR)
Titus O'Neil Thaddeus Bullard Midcarder
  • Clash of the Titus (Sitout spinebuster)
Inactive; suspended
Triple H 1
Triple H Paul Levesque Part-Time Wrestler
  • Pedigree (Double underhook facebuster)
WWE World Heavyweight Champion
Tyler Breeze (EWR)
Tyler Breeze Mattias Clement Midcarder
  • Beauty Shot (Spinning heel kick)
  • Unprettier (Inverted double underhook facebuster)
Tyson Kidd (EWR)
Tyson Kidd Theodore Wilson Midcarder
  • Sharpshooter
  • Swinging fisherman suplex
Inactive; spinal cord injury
The Undertaker
The Undertaker Mark Calaway Part-Time Wrestler
  • Hell's Gate (Modified gogoplata)
  • Tombstone Piledriver (Kneeling reverse piledriver)
Viktor (EWR)
Viktor Eric Thompson Lower Midcarder
  • Double underhook powerbomb
  • Fade to Black (Crucifix powerbomb lifted and dropped into a piledriver)
Xavier Woods6
Xavier Woods Austin Watson Upper Midcarder
  • Lost in the Woods (Inverted stomp facebreaker)
  • Shining Wizard
WWE Tag Team Champion
Zack Ryder (EWR)
Zack Ryder Matthew Cardona Midcarder
  • Elbro Drop (Diving elbow drop)
  • Rough Ryder (Jumping leg lariat)

Female wrestlers

Image Ring name Real name Position Finishing Moves Notes
Alicia Fox (EWR)
Alicia Fox Victoria Crawford Midcarder
  • Foxy Buster (Modified leg drop bulldog, to a kneeling opponent)
  • Watch Yo' Face (Scissors kick, to a bent over or kneeling opponent)
Becky Lynch (EWR)
Becky Lynch Rebecca Quin Upper Midcarder
  • Dis-arm-her (Seated Fujiwara armbar, while kneeling on the opponent's back)
  • Pumphandle side slam
Brie Bella (EWR)
Brie Bella Brianna Danielson Midcarder
  • Bella Buster (Sitout facebuster)
  • "Yes!" Lock (Gogoplata)
Charlotte 2
Charlotte Ashley Fliehr Upper Midcarder
  • Natural Selection (Somersault cutter)
  • Figure-Eight Leglock (Bridging figure-four leglock)
WWE Divas Champion
Emma Tenille Dashwood Midcarder
  • Emma Lock (Muta lock)
Eva Marie (EWR)
Eva Marie Natalie Coyle Midcarder
  • Sliced Red #2 (Shiranui)
Lana (EWR)
Lana Catherine Perry Midcarder
  • Blonde Hazel Buster (Sitout facebuster)
Naomi (EWR)
Naomi Trinity Fatu Midcarder
  • A Bad Place (Headscissors crucifix choke)
  • Handstand modified headscissors driver, to a kneeling opponent
  • Rear View (Jumping hip attack, to an oncoming opponent)
  • Split-legged moonsault
Natalya Natalie Neidhart Midcarder
  • Sharpshooter
Nikki Bella (EWR)
Nikki Bella Stephanie Garcia-Colace Upper Midcarder
  • Rack Attack (Backbreaker rack drop)
Paige (EWR) (2)
Paige Saraya-Jade Bevis Midcarder
  • PTO - Paige Tapout (Inverted sharpshooter with double chickenwing)
  • Ram-Paige (Cradle DDT)
Rosa Mendes
Rosa Mendes Milena Roucka Lower Midcarder
  • Hell Makeover (Swinging neckbreaker)
Sasha Banks (EWR)
Sasha Banks Mercedes Kaestner-Varnado Upper Midcarder
  • Bank Statement (Bridging crossface)
Summer Rae (EWR)
Summer Rae Danielle Moinet Lower Midcarder
  • Spinning heel kick
  • Summer Crush (Inverted leg drop bulldog)
Tamina Sarona Snuka-Polamalu Midcarder
  • Superfly Splash (Diving splash)
  • Superkick

Other on-air personnel

Image Ring name Real name Notes
El Torito (EWR)
El Torito Unknown
Hornswoggle (EWR)
Hornswoggle Dylan Postl
Paul Heyman (EWR)
Paul Heyman Paul Heyman Manager of Brock Lesnar
Ric Flair (2)
Ric Flair Richard Fliehr Manager of Charlotte
Stephanie McMahon (EWR)
Stephanie McMahon Stephanie Levesque Chief Brand Officer

Broadcast team

Image Ring name Real name Notes
Booker T
Booker T Booker Huffman Jr. Pre-show analyst for Raw and pay-per-views
Byron Saxton (EWR)
Byron Saxton Bryan Kelly Color commentator for Raw, SmackDown, Superstars and pay-per-views
Carlos Cabrera (EWR)
Carlos Cabrera Carlos Cabrera Spanish color commentator for pay-per-views
Corey Graves (EWR)
Corey Graves Matthew Polinsky Pre-show analyst for Raw and pay-per-views
David Otunga
David Otunga David Otunga Sr. Pre-show analyst for Raw
Eden Stiles Brandi Runnels Ring announcer for SmackDown and pay-per-views
Backstage interviewer
Greg Hamilton (EWR)
Greg Hamilton Gregory Hamilton Ring announcer for Main Event and Superstars
Jerry Lawler (EWR)
Jerry Lawler Jerry Lawler Color commentator for Main Event and SmackDown
Pre-show analyst for pay-per-views
John "Bradshaw" Layfield John Layfield Color commentator for Raw and pay-per-views
JoJo (EWR)
JoJo Joseann Offerman Backstage interviewer for Raw, SmackDown and pay-per-views
Lillian Garcia
Lilian Garcia Lilian Garcia Ring announcer for Raw and pay-per-views
Marcelo Rodriguez (EWR)
Marcelo Rodriguez Marcelo Rodriguez Laprea Spanish color commentator for pay-per-views
Mauro Ranallo (1)
Mauro Ranallo Mauro Ranallo Lead commentator for SmackDown
Michael Cole (EWR)
Michael Cole Michael Coulthard Lead commentator for Raw and pay-per-views
Renee Young (EWR)
Renee Young Renee Paquette Backstage interviewer for Raw, SmackDown and pay-per-views
Pre-show host for pay-per-views
Rich Brennan (EWR)
Rich Brennan Richard Bocchini Lead commentator for Main Event and Superstars
Backstage interviewer for Raw
Scott Stanford (EWR)
Scott Stanford Scott Stanford Pre-show host for Raw
Tom Phillips (EWR)
Tom Phillips Thomas Hannifan Backstage interviewer for Raw and pay-per-views
Tony Chimel (EWR)
Tony Chimel Anthony Chimel Backup ring announcer

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