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Asistencia Asesoría y Administración Roster

Male wrestlers

Image Ring name Real name Position Finishing Moves Notes
Aero Star (2)
Aero Star Undisclosed Upper Midcarder
  • Diving front flip piledriver
  • Imploding 450° splash
  • Imploding senton bomb
  • Shooting star press
  • Springboard diving splash
Alebrije Undisclosed Lower Midcarder
  • Gory special
Angelico Adam Bridle Midcarder
  • Cruceta Invertidas (Reverse figure-four leglock)
  • Fall of the Angels (Running crucifix turnbuckle powerbomb)
  • Superman Senton (Corkscrew senton bomb)
Argenis Undisclosed Midcarder
  • Asai moonsault
  • Triple jump moonsault
A Suicide
Australian Suicide Undisclosed Midcarder
  • Corkscrew shooting star press
  • Standing corkscrew moonsault
Averno Renato Ruiz Main Eventer
  • Devil's Wings (Spinning lifting sitout double underhook facebuster)
AAA World Tag Team Champion
Bengala Ricardo Fuentes Midcarder
  • Frog splash
  • Santa Maria (Half nelson driver)
  • Shining wizard
  • Stag Beetle (Backbreaker rack dropped into a cutter)
Blue Demon Jr
Blue Demon Jr. Undisclosed Midcarder
  • El Pulpo (Sharpshooter, while pulling the opponent's arm back)
  • Three-quarter facelock transitioned into a stunner
Brian Cage Brian Button Upper Midcarder
  • Discus lariat
  • Drill Claw (Vertical suplex piledriver)
  • Weapon X (Gory special reverse STO)
Chessman Kevin Zamora Upper Midcarder
  • 450° splash
  • Spear
AAA World Tag Team Champion
Daga Miguel Olivo Midcarder
  • Daga Suplex (Double chickenwing suplex)
  • Stylet (Modified backbreaker rack into a one-armed side slam)
Dark Cuervo
Dark Cuervo Jaime Tirado Upper Midcarder
  • Arm-trap crossface
  • Brainbuster
  • Sharpshooter
Dark Escoria Jose Ibarra Upper Midcarder
  • Diving leg drop
  • Spinning flying leg lariat
Demon Rocker
Demon Rocker Gerardo Campos Upper Midcarder
  • Wheelbarrow suplex
Dr Wagner Jr
Dr. Wagner Jr. Juan Gonzalez Upper Midcarder
  • Rope-hung DDT
  • Sitout powerbomb
  • Wagner Driver (Sitout scoop slam piledriver)
Drago Victor Soto Upper Midcarder
  • Dragon's Lair (Flying headscissors transitioned into a rolling prawn hold)
  • Front flip piledriver
El Elegido
El Elegido Undisclosed Upper Midcarder
  • Bearhug
El Hijo de Pirata Morgan
El Hijo de Pirata Morgan Antheus Ortiz Midcarder
  • Senton bomb
El Hijo del Fantasma
El Hijo del Fantasma Undisclosed Upper Midcarder
  • Bridging German suplex
  • Thrill of the Hunt (Samoan driver)
  • Thrill of the Kill (Spinning cradle kneeling reverse piledriver)
AAA World Cruiserweight Champion
El Mesias
El Mesias Gilbert Cosme Main Eventer
  • Double leg slam
  • Frog splash
  • La Patriota (Sharpshooter)
El Texano Jr. Juan Aguilar Upper Midcarder
  • Final Kick (Savate kick)
  • Mexican Dream (Swinging side slam)
  • Tornado Texas (Fireman's carry DDT)
AAA Mega Champion
El Zorro
El Zorro Jesus Martinez Upper Midcarder
  • Enrique Clutch (Camel clutch)
  • Zorro Stretch (Cross-legged STF)
Electro Shock
Electroshock Edgar Pozos Upper Midcarder
  • Cutter
  • Electrolock (Kneeling abdominal stretch with a figure-four leglock)
Fenix Undisclosed Upper Midcarder
  • Corkscrew somersault senton
  • Fenix Driver (Sitout double underhook powerbomb)
  • La Garra del Fenix (Diving double knee drop to a seated opponent's chest)
  • Spanish Fly (Moonsault slam)
Garza Jr
Garza Jr. Humberto Solano Lower Midcarder
  • Moonsault
  • Tornillo (Corkscrew moonsault)
Gran Apache
Gran Apache Mario Balbuena Midcarder
  • Apache Cutter (Inverted powerslam into a cutter)
  • Michinoku driver II
Jack Evans
Jack Evans Jack Miller Upper Midcarder
  • 630° senton
  • Ode to Blitzkrieg (Standing corkscrew shooting star press followed by a standing corkscrew senton)
  • Stuntin' 101 (Springboard corkscrew moonsault)
Joe Lider
Joe Lider Jose Alvarez Upper Midcarder
  • Lider Storm (Wheelbarrow driver)
Johnny Mundo
Johnny Mundo John Hennigan Main Eventer
  • Fin del Mundo (Split-legged corkscrew moonsault)
La Parka
La Parka Jesus Escoboza Upper Midcarder
  • Spinning headlock elbow drop
Black Mamba
Mamba Federico Vera Midcarder
  • Michinoku driver
Mascara Ano 2000 Jr
Mascara Ano 2000 Jr. Angel Reyes Midcarder
  • Plancha
Mocho Cota Jr
Mocho Cota Jr. Undisclosed Lower Midcarder
  • Backbreaker submission
  • Bow and arrow hold
Monster Clown
Monster Clown Undisclosed Upper Midcarder
  • Carotid choke
  • Full nelson
Murder Clown
Murder Clown Undisclosed Upper Midcarder
  • Backbreaker
  • Powerbomb
N Hamburguesa
Nino Hamburguesa Undisclosed Lower Midcarder
  • Hamburguesa Splash (Diving splash)
Octagon Jr. Undisclosed Midcarder
  • Flam Fly (Standing moonsault side slam)
Pentagon Jr (2)
Pentagon Jr. Undisclosed Upper Midcarder
  • Fear Factor (Package piledriver)
  • Pentagon Driver (Pumphandle half nelson driver)
  • The Sacrifice (Grounded hammerlock inverted armbreaker)
P Escarlata
Pimpinela Escarlata Mario Gonzalez Midcarder
  • Brainbuster
  • Swinging DDT
Polvo de Estrellas
Polvo de Estrellas Undisclosed Midcarder
  • Diving knee drop
  • Diving senton
  • Flying butt bump
Psycho Clown
Psycho Clown Undisclosed Upper Midcarder
  • Front flip piledriver
AAA Latin American Champion
Soul Rocker
Soul Rocker Undisclosed Midcarder
  • Senton bomb
Mike Bailey
Speedball Emile Charles Baillargeon-Laberge Midcarder
  • Shooting star knee drop
Super Fly Ete
Super Fly Erick Aguilar Upper Midcarder
  • Asai moonsault
  • Moonsault
Taurus (EWR)
Taurus Undisclosed Lower Midcarder
  • Rolling reverse cradle German suplex
Venum Undisclosed Lower Midcarder
  • Diving splash
  • Senton bomb
Villano IV
Villano IV Thomas Mendoza Midcarder
  • Leg drop

Female wrestlers

Image Ring name Real name Position Finishing Moves Notes
Fabi Apache
Faby Apache Fabiola Torres Upper Midcarder
  • Dragon suplex
  • Lifting sitout double underhook facebuster
  • Tiger suplex
Jennifer Blake
Jennifer Blake Jennifer Ykema Midcarder
  • Double knee backbreaker
  • Pumphandle half nelson driver
  • Superkick
La Hiedra
La Hiedra Undisclosed Lower Midcarder
  • 450° splash
Sexy Lady
Lady Shani Undisclosed Lower Midcarder
  • Spinning headscissors takedown
Mari Apache
Mari Apache Mariella Torres Midcarder
  • Michinoku driver II
  • Senton bomb
  • Sitout powerbomb
Taya Valkyrie2
Taya Kira Forster Midcarder
  • Northern Lights suplex, followed by a double foot stomp
  • Swinging side slam
Reina de Reinas Champion

Mini wrestlers

Image Ring name Real name Position Finishing Moves Notes
Dinastia Undisclosed Midcarder
  • Spanish Fly (Moonsault side slam)
  • Standing moonsault
  • Tornillo (Corkscrew moonsault)
La Parkita
La Parkita Undisclosed Lower Midcarder
  • Moonsault plancha
Mascarita Sagrada
Mascarita Sagrada Undisclosed Midcarder
  • Gorilla press slam
  • La magistral
Mini Abismo Negro
Mini Abismo Negro Undisclosed Midcarder
  • Belly-to-belly suplex
  • Frog splash
  • German suplex
Mini Histeria
Mini Histeria Undisclosed Lower Midcarder
  • La magistral
Mini Psicosis
Mini Psicosis Undisclosed Lower Midcarder
  • Psycho Guillotine (Diving leg drop)
  • Psycho Stunner (Stunner)
  • Senton Psicosis (Corkscrew senton)
Mini Psycho Clown
Mini Psycho Clown Undisclosed Lower Midcarder
  • Front flip piledriver
Octagoncito Undisclosed Midcarder
  • Springboard moonsault plancha

Broadcast team

Image Ring name Real name Notes
Arturo Riviera
Arturo Rivera Arturo Rivera Play-by-play commentator
Jesus Zuniga
Jesus Zuniga Jesus Zuniga Color commentator

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