Iggy Koopa

The boss of World 1.

Fortress (Wall-Climb Fortress)

His room will have no hazards. Iggy will fire green magic and jump in the air. Hit his head 3 times to defeat him

Castle (Iggy's Mechanical Castle)

Iggy will now use his Chain Chomp from NSMBW. He fires green magic and laughs. After Iggy gets hit, the Chain Chomp retreats by going up. After 2 hits, the Chain Chomp goes faster and Iggy now tosses Koopa Shells.

Roy Koopa

The boss of World 2.

Fortress (Blockfall Tower)

The fight takes place on a platform on quicksand. Roy shoots purple magic and ground pounds. After 2 hits, his ground pounds make energy waves.

Castle (Roy's Sawblade Castle)

Roy's wand turns to a Bullet Bill cannon. He shoots out Bullets and ground pounds. After 2 hits his cannon enlarges and fires a Banzai Bill.

Wendy O Koopa

The boss of World 3.

Fortress (Fortress of Spikes)

Wendy's room will be on a bridge. Wendy will throw golden rings and skip around the room. After 2 hits Cheep Cheeps will aid her.

Castle (Wendy's Flooded Castle)

Wendy will be in 4 blue pipes. She will come out of 1 of them and a dummy will be there too. She will throw a harmful heart. After 2 hits, the room will flood.

Lemmy Koopa

The boss of World 4.

Fortress (Frozen Fortress)

Lemmy's room has an icy floor with pits. Lemmy tosses balls or purple bombs and hops around his ball.

Castle (Lemmy's Conveyor Castle)

Lemmy's room is on a conveyor belt. Lemmy makes orange magic and could mess up the conveyor belt's movement.

Larry Koopa

The boss of World 5.

Fortress (Poison Rising Tower)

Larry's room has moving spiked walls. Larry uses his sky blue fireballs and jump very high.

Castle (Larry's Timber-Tree Castle)

Larry now uses a tennis racquet for this fight he whacks Spiny shells. Also his fight is on a platform over toxic water.

Morton Koopa Jr.

Ludwig von Koopa

Bowser Jr.


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