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Extreme Mario World is a 3DS game coming in 2017.


Mario and Luigi are taking a walk around Peach's Castle until the Koopalings appear out of nowhere and run to Peach's Castle and kidnap Peach. Mario and Luigi get really mad and chase after them.



The main character. He is fast and jumps well.


Mario's brother. He jumps higher and runs faster than Mario.


Mario's girlfriend. She can hover in the air but she's the slowest. She can be played after you defeat Bowser


Mario's former rival now best friend. He is faster than Luigi and he could jump very well. You need to get 30 Star Coins to get him


Sonic's friend. He is fast and he could glide. You need to get 25 Star Coins to get him.

Mega Man

The blue bomber returns. He is slow but he could jump very well. He could also shoot bullets. You need to get 50 Star Coins to get him.

Power Ups

Super Mushroom

It turn Mario bigger and he could take a extra hit.

Fire Flower

He could shoot fireballs and could take another hit.

Super Leaf

Mario could glide in the air and could tail whip enemies

Mega Mushroom

It turns Mario giant for 30 seconds and is invincible

Mini Mushroom

It turns Mario tiny so he could run faster and he could jump higher.

Phoenix Suit

A new power up. lets Mario shot fire rays and could fly higher than the Super Leaf

Super Star

Just like the Mega Mushroom, but he doesn't turn big.


World Description Boss How to unlock
Grassy Hill The first world in the game. It is grass themed. Larry Koopa Default
Dusty Desert The second world. It is desert themed. Morton Koopa Jr. Defeat Larry
Seaside Island The third world. It is beach themed. Wendy O. Koopa Defeat Morton
Crystal Glaicer The fourth world. It is snow themed. Lemmy Koopa Defeat Wendy.
Overgrown Jungle The fifth world it is jungle themed Iggy Koopa Defeat Lemmy
Rocky Canyon The sixth world. It is mountain themed Roy Koopa Defeat Iggy.
Cloudy Citadel The seventh world. It is sky/cloud themed. Ludwig von Koopa Defeat Roy
Koopa Kove The final world. It is volcano/underground themed. Bowser Defeat Ludwig.
Secret Road The special world. It is random themed Dry Bowser Defeat Bowser


See Extreme Mario World/Bosses

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