Extraordinary Mailman

Extraordinary Mailman is an upcoming game in the Ordinary Mailman series, scheduled for release on the Hammicube in the third quarter of 2015. It was made for Crimson's second weekly challenge.


Frink and Sam arrive at the post office underneath an umbrella in Frink's hands. They are given their trucks and parcels and leave the office, ready for whatever the week shall bring. Frink is stopped by his superior. He gets out of the vehicle and is given a blue package. "Don't let anybody take it." he is told. This unsettles Frink. He looks at the address and is shocked. It's at the other side of the city. His superior informs him of crooks out to steal the parcel and how he and Sam will need to work together to deliver it safely. He is also told to stop by at other post offices on their travels and to keep checking back.



This game plays slightly different to its predecessors. As Frink or Sam, you drive a mail truck around New York city at high speeds. Your goal is to deliver letters to the designated houses, signified by an X on your Sat-Nav and a giant green arrow in the sky. On occasion, these will not appear. Instead, a riddle or clue will be attached to the parcel. Obstacles such as cars and most crooks can be shot using your gun. The blue parcel you hold attracts the attention of crooks. They will chase you down on motorcycles in attempt to snatch the parcel. In this scenario, you must use your walkie-talkie to contact Frink or Sam. They will drive to you and you can throw the parcel to them, switching who you control. This version of New York is known for its frequent extreme weathers. Like in the previous game, storms strike often and need to be avoided in their own way. In this game, Frink or Sam can use their Parcel Bomb to destroy the storm at its source.

Weather Hazards








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