Expert Studios
Expert Studiso
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Type of Company Game Company
Founder(s) SonicFan2014
Founded at/in 2007
Area(s) Served Ohio
Owner(s) SonicFan2014
No. of Employee(s) SonicFan2014

Shy Guy Yellow

Predecessor Topline Studios
Successor None
Parent Company Clover Entertainment
Subsidiaries None
Expert Studios is a game company founded by SonicFan2014. The company is third-party. In 2012, the company become a sub-ordinary of Clover Entertainment. The company actually only made 4 games. The company is more for retro games like Mario and Gradius.

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Reviews of the games by Expert Studios

  • Super Mario Bros. Z - 4 Stars (Overlocked)
  • Mario & Luigi: Fawful's Return - None
  • Gradius 2012 - MIssion Reborn - 1 Star (Overlocked)
  • Sega Land - None

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