Experiment 46 is a horror game for the Shooting Star, the game is highly inspired by the Indie Game, "Five Nights at Freddy's" by Scott Cawthon.


You play as a man who has a job in a hidden government facility, you're kinda like the security guard of the place, you must make sure nothing goes wrong, one day you're assigned a special job and you're moved deeper into the facility to watch over a special experiment named "Experiment 46", 4 people have recently fallen ill to a horrible disease made on the laboratory, now they have voluntarily tried on an "antidote prototype", however the antidote has just made their physical and mental state even worse, for now they are being locked up and you have been assigned to watch them.

You'll have to stay on your toes and try to keep the hostile test subjects from breaking out, you'll also have to feed them, wash them and entertain them if you want to keep them from breaking out, though don't worry, you can operate this easily from your surveillance room using the control pad, good luck...


You have to watch the test subjects from 8 AM to 8 PM in-game, which is the equivalent of around 25 minutes in real life, with the test subjects growing hostile as time passes, if they get too close to the gate in their hostile state or if they're being too violent you can shine very bright light from the camera itself to scare it away, but don't abuse this technique too much, if it's used over and over again constantly, even if they're not attacking, it may cause them to burst into a rampage.

Each one of the 4 test subjects has their own room which is to be monitored by a camera, you can swiftly switch from camera to camera, it also displays the "Hunger", "Hostility" and "Amusement" of each test subject, Hunger is how hungry the test subject is, the higher the hunger the higher the hostility, Hostility is how angry a test subject is, you have to try and keep it as low as possible, Amusement is wether the test subject is entertained and calm or not, the Amusement starts out in the middle and can be kept up with a set of items.

Each test subject has it's own personality and each one has it's own likings, dislikings, fears, etc...Though they don't tell you what they are exactly, you must figure it out yourself along the game.

There are a total of 10 "levels" in the game, the first 7 are normal, once you beat them you unlock both the 8th and 9th level, the 8th is a special level where you cannot use the light, the 9th is a level where you must survive from 12 AM to 12 PM in-game, if you beat both you'll unlock one more level in which the AI Levels of the test subjects have been increased tremendously.

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