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Expansion Jukebox
Developer(s) Expansion Corporations, Inc.
Manufacturer(s) SEGA, Expansion Corporations, Inc.
Console Type Home console
Generation Ninth
Online Connectivity Expansion Service
Release Date(s)
Europe: 20 April, 2030

Australasia: 22 April, 2030
Brasilia, Nigeria, South Africa: 1 May 2030
Uruguay, Mexico: 6 May 2030
Canada, USA, Nippon: December 27, 2034

Can play DVDs and PC games

Can play games from SEGA consoles
Can play CDs with music
An X-Boutique, in which games, DLC and more amazing stuff can be downloaded (free or paid)
Has 9 built-in games

Backward Compatibility Expansion Q-System
Predecessor Expansion Q-System

The Expansion Jukebox (拡張ジュークボックス in Japan/Nippon) is a ninth generation home console made by Expansion Corporations, Inc. and SEGA. It was released first in Europe, Australasia, South America, Africa and Mexico, and, finally, more than a year later, in Nippon (Japan) and the remainder of North America.


The controller has the shape of a pentagon. To the left are a analog stick and a control pad. In the center are a START, SELECT and a HOME button. To the right are A, B, Y and X buttons and a joystick with a C button on top, and there are also the usual L and R Buttons. At the back of the controller is a Z button. At the sides of the controller are metal wires. At the end of these are two more controllers which are exactly the same except for their shape. The left is shaped like a mirrored D, the right like a normal D. This way, three players can play on the same system, but some expansive control games require the entire thing (all three controllers).


You are allowed to make games for the system. Add the category "Expansion Jukebox Games".


  • The system can play floppydisks, cartridges and CD-roms.
  • The Expansion Jukebox is the only consle so far to have internet that allows players to see each other IRL, like Skype.

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