Exotoro and the Seven Dwarves
Studio(s) Boon
Distributor(s) Fantendo
Type Two-dimensional animation
Country of Origin Japan
Theatrical Release Date(s)
Home Edition Release Date(s)
February 22, 2222
Age Rating(s)
Original Language Japanese
Runtime 1:23:45


In a magical kingdom called Fantendo, a baby princess is born to GamingDylan and ShadowElise, the king and queen. A scene depicts Elise giving childbirth, and is the only reason for its R rating. However, shortly after her birth, GamingDylan dies of AIDS. This drives Elise into a fit of rage, and causes her to banish the princess, Exotoro, at age seven because she is "the fairest of them all".

Exotoro sneaks out of her prison with the help of fellow prisoner TimeSoul, whose youth is later breathed out of her as a punishment and to keep Elise eternally young. She ends up in a desert, where she is cared for by snakes until her 16th birthday.

As a present for the banished princess, Prince Arend of Arendale (this movie takes place 200 years after Frozen) sneaks into the snake desert and leads himself, Exotoro, and seven dwarves - Heartphilia, Brochi, Dk64rules, Lumoshi, PabloDePablo, The Soupistan, and 1337doom - on a quest to overthrow Queen ShadowElise and give the throne to its rightful heir.

After travelling through Never Land for a while, they set down to rest, when Elise's archers kill all the Never Fairies and Arend. This drives Exotoro to shoot herself with an arrow. However, the arrow is special in that it doesn't kill her - instead, it turns her into Haruhi Suzumiya.

With her universe creation powers, Haruhi traverses to a new universe in which Elise is dead, Arend is revived, and she is Exotoro again, and the new queen. In this new universe, they live happily ever after until the universe is destroyed, causing the events of the movie to loop forever.


Arend, a real-life Sysop, hated Teen Fantendo Movie for it being plotless and only serving the purpose to ship InukaneYumiko with Lumoshi. Therefore, Boon decided to release Exotoro and the Seven Dwarves without any InukaneYumiko cameos. She also likes Haruhi Suzumiya, so she cameo'd her instead.

Boon wanted nothing more to do with their awful first movie, so this is not a sequel.


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  • Taylor Swift as Exotoro
  • Justin Bieber as Arend
  • Rihanna as ShadowElise
  • Barack Obama as GamingDylan
  • The Jonas Brothers as the Seven Dwarves