Let's get ready...

Zorp: Nizzle, I'm bored!

Nizzle: Shut up...I'm trying to play video games.

Zorp: And what are you playing, exactly?

Nizzle: "Edit on Fantendo", Zorp.

Zorp: That's not a game, idiot. What, are you preparing for that showcase thingy that Exo's making?

Nizzle: What else would I be doing? We need to go through with it this time.

Zorp: Let me try it out too! *Clicks X on Tab*

Zorp: Ooops...heh.

Nizzle: God, Zorp, do you ever do anything right? This is simple...we interview a bunch of people to see the type of stuff that our creator's making, and we talk about it! That's it! And I need you out, you'll cause too many problems!

Zorp: I promise I won't screw up this time! Give me one more chance Nizzle...

Nizzle: Fine! But you better be on your best behavior...

Day 1: Pocket Quests

Day 2: Mushroom Trilogy: Part 1

Day 3: Shaping a New Concept!

Day 4: The Mirror Returns...