You Know The Drill
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That's right.

Day 1

Hello and welcome to the Super Studios E3 presentation! We (and by we I mean only me) plan to show a lot of games for The Newt and maybe other consoles.

Our first game is one we already announced a few days ago but today we're going to reveal some gameplay.

Nabbit and the King of Thieves

Nabbit and the King of Thieves is a new 2D platformer coming to The Newt starring the lovable thief, Nabbit.

The gameplay relies heavily on money and treasure as every level in the game requires the player to collect a certain amount of treasure before completing it. Some levels even require a special treasure to be collected before beating it.

Another thing in the game is the world map which is very unique in the fact that it's a treasure map and shows all treasure the player has collected in the game and can also be drawn on which has the chance of revealing new stages or treasure rooms.

Before we talk about the next game there's one more thing to mention, and that's Rayman.

That's right, Nabbit and the King of Thieves and Rayman will be combining in a special DLC pack with five new levels and a short story featuring Nabbit being mistaken for a certain other bunnylike creature by Rayman and friends. More info TBA.

Stay tuned later for a special game announcement.

Day 2

Welcome back to the Super Studios E3 presentation! Today we'll be announcing some new games and the first one on the list is.....

It's Party Time!

Mario Party 11! (Tentative Title) 

Mario Party 11 is the latest game in the Mario Party series and will feature some "special treats" for old time fans, of course I'm talking about....

CLASSIC MARIO PARTY GAMEPLAY that's right, classic gameplay for classic fans. In this mode, players run around various boards collecting as many coins and stars as possible. But you probably already know that.

There's another mode too, by the way.

MODERN MARIO PARTY GAMEPLAY Modern gameplay returns aswell and yes, I know alot of people DESPISE modern gameplay (I personally like it) however, I plan to fix a lot of issues with it to make it an amazing gamemode equal to the classic gameplay.

There's also many other gameplay styles to choose from. But that's for another day.

Somewhere in Space...