No delay. Just doin' it.

Day 1: A New Wave


Well, here it is. I'm sure you figured it out by the face.

Tr'p: New Wave is an open-world 2D action platformer for the V2. As you'd expect it centers around Tr'p.

The plot of New Wave centers around a a sudden influx of new Trips. These Trips, dubbed the "new wave", appear to be after a common goal. Of course, Tr'p does what he does best- he fights them.

The game is structured as you'd expect, with an open world that is explored in a semi-linear faction. As Tr'p progresses, he gains new abilities, levels up, and discovers secrets behind the Trips. In fact, New Wave will provide an explanation to the age old question: "What are Trips, and where do they come from?"

Featuring a robust combo and fighting system, tons of abilities and locations, and a mystery, New Wave will hopefully capture you're attention.

Day 2

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