Zeta Labs

Day 1

Hello and good morning. I am the CEO of Zeta Labs, Locky Lorean, joining in the first time at E3 2015. Today, we got several new stuff to announce to you guys and I hope you all enjoy. We got several new IPs and several announcements for new and old games so let's get started.


My name is Cass. I dont have a gender, I don't have parents, I don't have anything. I am a living weapon, build to just to be a weapon. Today, I will participate in the most dangerous mission of my life.


TranSpy is a new IP by Zeta Labs to be released for the Nintendo 3DS. The players take control of Cass Ayers, a lab experiment to create a genderless human who can modify itself to turn into other people or to disguise as other people. As a double agent, Cass Ayers needs to utilize her personalities, known as Cassidy Ayers and Cassandra Ayers to infilitrate the base of operations of two different organizations, the extremist terrorist group known as Hope and the spy group ruled by a ruthless dictactor known as Truth. The game is a third-person shooter stealth game, taking cues from games such as Metal Gear Solid. Switching between the characters is the main way to get information and to complete objectives from both sides. The player can switch sides any time they want, the game will have multiple endings depending of the player's actions. At the beginning of the game, Cass begins as a rookie spy and needs to get attention and fame by doing more dangerous and difficult missions. As Cass grows and becomes more powerful in each faction, new weapons are unlocked and also new abilities as so. As a living weapon, Cass can be enterily modified, Cass can use the bodies of its victims and get their abilities and knowledge.

It is set to release next month, 8th, exclusively for the Nintendo 3DS.

Live and Let Die

The trailer begins with two kingdoms fighting against each other in a bridge. One side, formed by half-human half-dragon hybrids and the other side formed by half-human half-water creatures. The focus is removed from the battle and instead switched to the castles, where the princesses of both kingdoms are residing, watching the battle from afar. The princess of the dragon-side decides to jump out of the castle and flies towards the battle, as does the princess from the other kingdom. They reach the center of the battle where they collide and the screen fades to white.

The screen returns to normal showing the aftermath of the battle. Many of the soldiers of both kingdoms dead and both of the princesses lying down on the bridge where the battle was. The princess from the water kingdom doesn't manages to get up and starts to cough blood. The princess from the fire kingdom gets up and looks at the pile of bodies around her. She seems shocked at the result of the aftermath, she runs towards the castle, only to see the execution of her parents at the hands of the king of the water kingdom. She runs away from the castle, fearing that she might be executed next and she flies off towards the sunset. She sits on a top of a castle, looking at the destruction of her kingdom from afar. The trailer ends with the camera getting away from her as the title of the game is shown...


One of our new IPs is actually from another franchise, the ill-fated Eternika, Dragonkind has been around for sometime but we barely talked about it. Now, it is time to do so. Dragonkind is a part of a new franchise called the Immortals, talking about heroes from different time periods as they prove themselves to be worthy of the power of immortality. Dragonkind takes place in the Medieval Times, during the aftermath of a battle between the kingdom of the Doragons and the Hydras, whom followers of Eternika might recognize which was the species of the character Clepysdra, who makes a brief appearance on the opening movie. As the Hydras conquer the Doragon kingdom, Hama is the only sole survivor of the massacre and she mets with the Sun God, Akún. Akún says to Hama that she is the only one that is able to bring back the Doragons, but she needs to prove herself worthy to do so, as such she faces Akún's Trials to prove herself three things: one, that she would sacrifice anything that she has to protect the ones that can't protect themselves, two, that she is able to control her emotions, even when tested to the limit and three, that she is able to live with the fact that she will become immortal. Dragonkind is an open-world medieval game where players take control of a human/dragon hybrid as she fights her away to complete the trials and ressurect her species.

The game is a Nintendo Silver exclusive and it is coming out in 2016.


The trailer begins with a bedroom. A NES is seen with a television turned on. A kid comes in and inserts a cartidge, which is a cartidge of Super Mario Bros. 1. Time passes by as he switches to other consoles and games, like a SNES with Super Mario World, until it stops and we see the kid, now as an adult, on his house with a Wii U. He looks down at the Wii U and remembers the days of the NES games, remembering the good times he had with the Mario games. Until all of the sudden, all of those games appears on his house and fuse together, creating a game box. He picks up the box and it is revealed to be...


Super Mario Megamix is a collaboration between Zeta Labs and Nintendo as a part of Mario's 30th anniversary. The game is an anniversary title containing a lot of elements of the Mario series, the players take control of Classic Mario, pre-Mario 64 and Modern Mario post-Mario 64. As Classic Mario, the player can utilize Mario's power-ups from the classic installments and also some abilities from some obscure games, such as the ability of use the Super Scope from Yoshi's Safari, while Modern Mario captures all the abilites from Mario 64 and forward, such as Star Spin, Triple Jump, modern Power-Ups and F.L.U.D.D., the game won't only feature elements from the mainstream titles, other games will be thrown at the megamix too. Mario Kart, Mario Sports and the RPG titles are also going to get part of the game. The game will feature elements combined together to create an enjoyable 2D platformer for one players or multiplayers.

The game is going to be released in Setember 11th, alongside Mario Maker, as a retail game for the Wii U and later for Nintendo 3DS.

Day 2

Day 3