Day 1

Hello, everyone! I'm Scratch Kat! But you knew that already, hehe! I'm here to announce some new vidya-gayms for y'all's enjoyment! But first, I'm gonna talk about some of the things that we're putting in Overclocked!

Overclocked Logo

Overclocked's Game Modes

Now, let me explain about some of Overclocked's modes. First up, Arena Mode. Arena Mode gives four characters a percentage meter and hurdles them into a environment where the only thing to do is beat eachother up. Each hit on a character adds a certain amount oh percentage to that character's meter. The higher it goes, the farther away that character flies when attacked.

If launching people isn't your style, try Stamina Mode! It gives everyone a health bar instead, and the object is to kick the crap outta them until it's completely depleted.

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