Darklight Expo Logo This page will be dedicated to upcoming games in relation to Darklight Studios, there are currently 5 games planned to have full reveals during the Expo. More information will be provided as E3 draws closer.

Day 1

Basilisk 2: Legend's Fang

Basilisk 2: Legend's Fang is a successor to the original Basilisk. It no longer uses 8-Bit Graphics and instead opts for a 2.5D Platformer. In this adventure, the player, Drake has been kicked out of Toxin-Fang Island by the Lizards a raiding band of thieves who have claimed Toxin-Fang Island as their new territory. It is once again up to Drake to free the land and save the Snakes from this new Threat.

Kirby Doom of Dreamland

Kirby Doom of Dreamland has Kirby going through a twisted and warped reality where the Dark Matter previously thought to be destryoed has returned for one last offense. Kirby must inhale his opponents and gain their powers to defeat any foe he comes across. With the game retaining its 2.5D Platforming Kirby has access to four new Copy Abilities; Sand, Gravity, Moon & Lance.

Splatoon Global Canvas

The sequel to the critically acclaimed, Splatoon. Global Canvas vastly improves on the predecessor's abilities and enhances the Offline and Online aspects, new maps and more weapons as well as tons of gear allow for the player to be truly unique in design.

A few new concepts are introduced such as an Offline Multiplayer Storyline and several new enemies and a new set of Bosses.

Fallout 5

The fifth installment in one of Gaming's pinnacle Action-RPGs, Fallout 5 takes place in the year 2410 in the cold wasteland of Alaska. The player must brave new threats including new enemies and a conspiracy that could unleash a second Nuclear Fallout. Get ready to head out into the winter wilderness of Alaska and brave frightening new monsters and even more dangerous mutants.

Alaska Map
Colour Faction
White None/Independent
Cream NUT (Northern United Tribes)
Orange RCO (Russian Command Organization)
Red United Khans
Black Black Skulls Gang
Pink Sirens
Green CAF (Chinese Armed Forces)
Yellow Neo Super Mutant Republic
Purple APF (Alaskan Protection Forces)
Blue NCR (New Californian Republic)

Day Two

Legend of Zelda: Darkness of Hyrule

A Legend of Zelda RPG, the game has the players progress through a turn-based RPG with Final Fantasy and Pokemon elements, the player will always have control of Link as well as a variety of other characters and be able to get enemy monsters do join his side in a war against Ganondorf. The game takes place in the Child Timeline, between Majora's Mask and Twilight Princess.

Monster Hunter 5

It has been confirmed that Darklight Studios is planning on making a new Monster Hunter 5, likely due to the loss of interest in Monster Hunter 5: Vitality. The game is said to be featuring 150+ Monsters, with several returning from previous titles. The flagship monster and logo have been revealed with the Flagship monster known as the Spirachinos and it appears to be encountered in a dark cave. The logo also reveals that the Lance, Hammer, Greatsword and Bow are most definetly in the game, what other Weapon Classes as well as possible new ones have yet to be revealed.

Further information has revealed that the following weapon types will appear in the game exactly how they were in previous games; Greatsword, Hammer, Hunting Horn, Gunlance, Switch Axe & Charge Blade. It has been revealed that a new dual-wielding system will be introduced, causing distinct changes in other classical weapons, additionally the Bowgun is completely removed in favour of a variety of new Ranged weapons. Therefore the game's weapons are compiled into three tiers (Dual-Wield, Single-Handed & Ranged), Ranged and either Dual-Wield or Single-Handed weapons can be equipped at the same time with an additional sub-menu.

Dual-Wield Weapons: Greatsword, Hammer, Hunting Horn, Gunlance, Switch Axe, Charge Blade, Great Axe, Rocket Hammer, Armour Charger

Single-Handed Weapons: Shortsword, Round Shield, Kite Shield, Giant's Shield, Scimitar, Longsword, Axe, Lance, Side Blade, Insect Glaive, Tonfa, Cannon Blade, Colossi Fist, Monster Claws

Ranged Weapons: Bow, Long Bow, Quad Bow, Cross Bow, Sniper Bow, Harpoon, Jet Fists, Razor Boomerang

The first set of returning Large monsters have been revealed, these monsters previously appeared in the Monster Hunter games, it has also been confirmed that there will be 120 different Large Monsters with 85 returning and 35 new Large Monsters.

Revealed Monsters: Great Jaggi, Great Baggi, Great Wroggi, Rathalos, Rathian, Brachydios, Qurupeco, Giadrome, Velocidrome, Gendrome, Iodrome, Chameleos & Plesioth

Day 3

Pokemon Sol and Terra Versions

The 9th Generation Pokemon games, featuring 500 new Pokemon. They are named after the Sun and the Earth and have legendaries revolving around Buddhism deities. The game is stated to not be introducing any new types like its predecessor, Razind Version although it has been stated that if a 10th Generation is done, Pokemon from this Generation will change types.

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