CCastle will only present on the second and third days. Their presentations will be dedicated to a few new projects, all being centered around the revival of older series from the company. No details on which series these are will be disclosed as of now.

Day 2

marina never wrote a presentation because she's lazy but she was going to reveal:

demon empire remake. for anyone who remembered that. also rosado will be in it. woo

maybe something tomorrow who even knows. i plan to revive a different series

see more at the article: Demon Empire. designs coming soon

Day 3

and here it is. no presentation really, but i will be making a new game of Conquest Aeon. not a sequel, however, but a remake which will be a lot better written. also, here is the map i made actually a while ago for this, though i didnt have any plans to make the game again until recently.


it's known as Conquest Aeon: Restoration, and an article for it will soon be created with lots of information over it. see you next year maybe

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