Zentech Studios

Day 1

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Okay, so this series is a somewhat-new one, having been on my game ideas page for a while now. This one brings a concept that I've always imagined, but haven't seen myself yet: the gameplay's speed and such being entirely affected by the music in the background.

The main character is Avia, a young woman who wields a long blade...tied to a rope. Calling it the Rope Blade, it can be swung around at high speeds, which proves to be useful in many scenarios.

The plot of the game hasn't been developed much, but the gameplay is similar to most beat-'em-ups, in that you race through a stage, defeating as many foes as you can. Some drop items that can be used for a bit after you get them, mostly involving Charges, which change the element of the Rope Blade.

These are all the concepts we're currently willing to show for Beat Brawls at the moment. Stay tuned on the page for more info. Now, I'll see you tomorrow for the next presentation.

Day 2

Verv Logo

We recently claimed a new console from an outside source, and so we're presenting it here. Introducing the Verv, Zentech Studios's first official home console (the NRS is technically considered a handheld), and a console that...doesn't have much development yet. We only know at the moment that it will use cartridges, as opposed to the more common discs of today.

Please understand (</iwata>) that we don't currently have any games planned for this console, as we'd like to break our most recent console in a bit more. Thank you, and stay tuned tomorrow for our final presentation, and one that some have been expecting for a while.

Day 3

TSU Logo

Remember how a little while back I got my hands on the rights to use Trip? Well, here's where he comes into play. I'll have art of his new design in a bit, but for now I can tell you that he's getting a bit of an overhaul in terms of abilities, tactics, etc.

The new series is slightly based on the new Legend of Zelda game revealed at the official E3, in that it's an open world that can be freely explored. There are sidequests, puzzles, etc., all waiting for you to explore.

Trip will be decked out with many new weapons, with his prime weapon being the Subspace Kunai, which is thrown at foes from a distance, but can be used as a melee weapon as well. He also has access to many LoZ-esque weapons, such as the Hook Gauntlet, the Subspace Bow, and more. However, he will still have his Subspacial abilities at access, and the switching between the two will work similarly to another Zentech Studios franchise.

That's all the information we have for right now, but be sure to check back on things such as the Zentech Weekly for more Zentech Studios news. This is White, signing out.

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