Team Blue Star

Day 1

Omnitron: Cosmic Corruption

This first game is a Fantendo crossover heavily inspired by the Neverworld series, with multiple sides going at each other in a war triggered by the Fantendoverses very own Ektaz, also known as The Enemy. 

Very little is known about it, except for the fact that the following characters will make appearances:

  • Pesh from Pusher's Pile
  • Squav from A Nutty Adventure
  • Ella Metals from Ella-Metals
  • Mika Sho from The Adventures of Mika Sho
  • Jake from HACKED
  • Data from Kode Kid
  • Fuchsia from Cell Split

Day 2

Presentation has yet to occur.
Dark plans to present Anime Smash Bros, a new series including many anime characters.

Day 3

Presentation has yet to occur.
Dark plans to present both Fractus Gemmis, a new Umbrella fighting game, and Fang of the Night, a reboot of the Nightwolf series made for Project Uprising. 

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