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Welcome to N Studios at E3! Today we have just one game to reveal, and that is Goddesses of Gradient. This will be a beat-em-up online multiplayer co-op game, where you destroy hordes of evil Shadowcast monsters to defend the world of color as one of the 4, well, goddesses of gradient! There is also a competitive head-to-head mode with 4-player Smash-style battles.


This is Hiacyna, obviously the Blue Goddess. As you can see, she has no face, same for the other goddesses. The art style was chosen to clearly distinguish each character from the other, to ensure the best possible multiplayer experience. For this reason, facial details were deemed unnecessary. And yes, every goddess gets a cool giant weapon. In fact, they each get two interesting ways to attack! On top of that sword, Hiacyna has that hand-like scarf for more long-range moves and bringing in handfuls of Shadowcasts to die by the blade.

More info will be revealed soon after this E3 event. Thanks for stopping by our short panel! Enjoy the rest of the show!

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