Lone Planet Productions

Day 1

Hi all. This is MeGa eXal from Lone Planet, and now that I have been accepted into the Mysterious Seven Project, I'd like to show some more information on said project, starting with this preview...

Trailer begins with a view of a large tower, where Chuck D. Head, Inori Aizawa, Dexter, Tony Stark, and Emmet -- now members of the Mysterious Five organization -- watch over the city and check for any crimes or disasters.

Camera looks up to sky, showing a large coin slot. A giant coin falls through it, landing in the downtown plaza. Fast-forward to a few months later; the coin now glows, and binary code flows out of it slowly.

Gameplay videos show up, such as Ryu pummeling Gaston; Dexter shocking Pac-Man with a laser beam; and Optimus Prime going up against Reptflux. Then, the first newcomer -- Jedi Master Yoda -- lands in a battle between Finn the Human and Luke Skywalker, force-pushing them both away from him.

The logo appears, and fades into black. A figure with a green biker-ish helmet, coated with armor, looks up at the viewers and pulls out a gun...

Day 2

OK. So you may have read an article titled Umbra & Bowie. As of today, it will be known as Umbra & Bowie: Shadowy Ground. Available on the Nintendo CoronaNintendo Endurance, Xbox One, Playstation 4, PS Vita, and the Fandraxo, the game revolves around Umbra and Bowie the Teddy Bear on their mission to defeat their respective enemies, Queen Nebula and Bananas the Monkey. Little do they know, however, that a mysterious new villain is planning to destroy them both...

Day 3

Presentation has yet to occur.

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