Icy Cold Gaming Industries

Day 1

What was once beauty, is now a dead world.

If none of you had been paying any attention to the blogs a few nights ago, you don't know what I'm talking about. Perhaps it was about my new Fantendo game, Cinco Heroes. The gameplays much like a Kingdom Hearts game, with you running around an open world. You battle in RPG styles, and with five heroes in the game, you switch between eachother.
If you've read my blog, A Beorn Wasteland, you know I revealed a story to the game. However, what I didn't tell you is WHO the new heroes will be. Well, I can only reveal one now, and that's the main hero...Derrick Bronskin, aka "Dream Boy." Unlike OTHER interpetations of Dream Boy, this one actually comes from another dying planet, Earth! But why? How did he and the four other heroes get the rocket to land on Fantendo? There will be more of that next time!

Day 2

Let's talk Randamu Kakuto Gemu.

So, obviously, this umbrella is a work in progress, but I'm still working on! I'm adding stages, items, costumes, bosses, story, and most of all, characters!

Speaking of characters, I'd like you guys to meet some upcoming fighters for the game.

Toad Brigade Captain SM3DWPollpubpolls634312295300255000- -screenshot20110121at85649pmpngWanderOYBarack-Obama-12782369-2-402

In case you guys don't know who ANY of these characters are, I'll tell ya.

  • Captain Toad
  • Starbucks Mascot
  • Wander
  • Barack Obama

All four of these characters will eventually become playable in Randamu Kakuto Gemu! And that's not all...well, this is all done for now, but tomorrow, we'll focus more on the game, along with one more character, a few stages, assists, and items! See ya tomorrow!

Day 3

Presentation has yet to occur.

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