Exodun Cover 2015
The current cover for the series, as it is currently in it's first volume.
Author Dylan Lumanta-Simon
Genre(s) Science Fiction

Exodun is a novel series written by Starphare -  Dylan Lumanta-Simon being the exact author - and centers around an Exodun (primary race of Exoa) male known as Light arriving and settling down on Earth after a civil war on his home planet, known as Exoa, forces him to leave. As Light adjusts to life on Earth, he also must face antagonists who take on Earth as their prey. It is the central series in the Source anthology

The story is set in the Source universe, an alternate universe parallel to that of the Fantendoverse. The difference between the two realities is that after the first generation of Fantendo heroes have their games occur, the non-powered side of the populace feel threatened by the uprising of these entities, and force them out of the continent, creating two regions in the world, one for humans (the Solito region) and the other for the unwanted, super powered population (the Insolita region). 

The series serves as a replacement for the cancelled video game, Nintendo Men, in which Light was originally going to debut in. It contains certain aspects from the game, but the majority of the concepts are changed completely in Exodun.

As of May 2015, the original chapters are being completely re-written.



First Appearance: Chapter I
Status: Alive




  • Chapter Zero (Act I): Conspiracy
  • Chapter Zero (Act II): ???
  • Chapter Zero (Act III): ???

Volume 1

  • Chapter I: ???
  • Chapter II: ???
  • Chapter III: ???
  • Chapter IV: ???
  • Chapter V: ???

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