Exo Force (series)
Exo force logo
Exo Force: Based off the LEGO toy line of the same name.
Developer(s) Clover Entertainment
Publisher(s) LEGO(US) Nintendo(Japan)
Genre(s) Action, Third-Person Shooter, Sandbox
First Game Exo Force (2011 video game)
Most Recent Game Exo Force 2: The game
Xbox 360, Wii, Wii U, PS3, Nintendo DS, Nintendo 3DS

Exo Force is a video game series based off the LEGO toy line of the same name. It originally started out as said toyline, which was discontinued in 2008. The series made a comeback in 2011, with the first video game, titled simply Exo Force. It then spawned a sequel named Exo Force 2. A third game, Exo Force 3, is currently being planned.


Exo Force

It is the year 2014, On Sentai Mountain, there was a peaceful civilization where advanced robots and the ancient way of life went hand in hand. But one day, a golden robot named Meca One led the robots to revolt against the humans. Not much was known why he did this, but it happened. Fights between the humans and robots broke out, unleashing uncontrollable energies that divided the mountain in two. The humans eventually overcame the robots, and cast them into the gorge.

The humans built bridges to link the two halves of the mountain. The most important bridge they built was the Tenchi Bridge. Some humans, including Sensei Keiken, feared that the robots might come back someday so Sensei Keiken promptly began to construct armored battle machines for defense. But before the humans' preparations were complete, the robot legions, armed with battle machines of their own, caught the humans by surprise and quickly seized control the southern half of the mountain. More powerful than ever, their primary aim was this: to completely drive humanity from Sentai Mountain. Sensei Keiken hurriedly recruited new pilots to man the battle machines and Exo-Force was born. Now, Meca One plans to turn humans into their slaves and force them to build robotic empires that will expand around the Earth, and robots will take over. It's up to Exo-force to stop this from happening.

Exo Force 2

The Exo-Force has discovered Golden Tablets all over the world with mysterious secrets and codes which could be used to unlock powerful technology. Keiken's hope was that this technology would provide the crucial key to defeating the robots. But the Robots are after it too. So, it's a race against time to get the secrets of the Golden Tablets before the robots do.

Exo Force 3

Coming soon

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