Exhilaroyale is a fighting game developed by PabloDePablo in 2015. It features a fully original roster, and is inspired by classic arcade fighting games in several regards.


Exhilaroyale is a 2.5D fighting game, taking place on a plane players can rotate through* for strategic placement. Fighters can build up to a special Super Move by performing combos on their enemies, or by entering Charge Mode, which leaves them weaker with a steady buildup towards their Super.

The game's main new feature, however, is the Excitement meter. Taking place in a very urban and public city, fights will often draw crowds, who will root for fighters based on how well they perform and on how extravagant their attacks are. Once the Excitement meter is filled, the fighter performs a Thrill Shift, creating hardlight structures that complement their skills.



Image Info Costumes

Bronze Bullet

Cynthia Balisa is one of the latest NexStep cyborgs, using nanobots in conjunction with prosthetic legs. Though she enjoys the thrill of battle, she resents her 'creators' for stealing her legs.

In the ring, Cynthia is an acrobatic fighter who uses primarily kicks and flips to fight, along with a great jump height. However, she doesn't excel at much else, and she's generally a very easy character to learn.

Magnum Kick

Using her extremely powerful prosthetic legs, Cynthia can launch herself at the speed of a bullet. Her Super Move allows her to quickly launch into strong kicks rapidly, finishing with an axe kick.

Creating several orange monoliths around herself, Bronze Bullet's Thrill Shift complements her focus on jumps and acrobatics by allowing her to ricochet off the structures by jumping backwards onto them.

Royale Gear

Gunmetal Gear
Casual Clothes



Gerald Refferson is an experimental publicity cyborg, permanently bound to the suit of Mr. PUMP!, mascot of PUMP! Energy Soda. With no visible face nor a voice, his inner mind is a mystery.

Mr. PUMP! is a very large fighter, with his upper body completely converted into a massive suit. He can fight with brute force or use rejected PUMP! as a chemical bomb. Though he may be strong, he's also slow due to his mass.


Thought to be for show by many, the two large PUMP! cans on Gerald's back are actually tied to his nervious system. When injected into his blood, the PUMP! fuels a furious combo ending with a shockwave.

Mr. PUMP!'s Thrill Shift gives him a new strategic approach, creating cylinders he can pick up and use as weapons. He can also throw them or climb atop them, letting him hit from above.

Royale Gear

Citrus Gear
Raspberry Gear

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