Exhaust Ed is a member of the S.O.E. and is a biker friend gremlin girl. Her real name is Esther but she calls herself Ed, so everyone else does too. She rides on a skateboard named Joseph instead of a button. She is Pencilla's older sister.


While Pencilla is kind, Ed is rather pushy. While if Pencilla knocks someone over on accident she picks them up, Ed will just laugh at him/her and run.

Exhaust Ed's Journal

April 18, 2010

Today I met up with Shades and we rode through the area, causing trouble. Then I saw a large blimp. It started backfiring, and I tapped Shades' shoulder. He, too looked up. Suddenly the blimp started falling. It landed in a lake not too far from where we are. I drove off, followed by Shades. I estimate we'll be there tomorrow.


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