"Excitebiker drives in!" (Introduction tagline)

The Excitebiker, the speedest character in the game, has changed his status from an Assist Trophy to a playable character! He is speed and very heavy but if you mastered Fox in previous chapters, you can master our biker friend too! Also, you can choose you favorite skin: the NES on (in 2D) or modern one (in 3D). He is a Speedster and he hasn't got a main element.

Special Moves

Standard Special: NES Team. Excitebiker will throw a little Excitebiker in his NES form which inflicts 5% of damage.

Side Special: Bike Dash. Charge this attack and then dash into the camp. The longer you charge, the farther you get! The attack will always inflict 12% of damage.

Up Special: Wheelie. Excitebiker will do a wheelie which makes he jumps another time and inflict 7% of damage.

Down Special: Oil. Excitebiker will put some oil into the stage, which make everyone (except our biker friend) slip.

Final Smash: Race Day. 15 NES Excitebiker will arrive at the same time an they will move exactly like NES Team move.

Special Ability: Excitespeed. Excitebiker is the fastest character in the game so he has some special features: he can ride the water for 1.5 second and Pikmin can't cling they.

Unlock Criteria

Meet him in Story Mode or complete three Classic Modes with Samus, Mario and Pit in the order as you prefer.

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