Excitebike Returns is a remake of the original Excitebike on the Nes, but now with new features.

Excitebike Returns

One of the new features is the inclusion of a Grand Prix mode, just like in Mario Kart, the player will have 8 Grand Prix, each one with 4 courses, and you must score as many points as you can.

Another new feature is online features, such as leaderboards, multiplayer up to 4 players and sharing fanmade courses.

The course creator is back and as mention, you will be able to share them online and even review other people's tracks.

Solo Races are also back, and time trails is here too.

The game also got a new tracks and a new visual style inspired by the New Super Mario games, but old 8-bit style is a option.

And to end it, there is a expert mode when you beat all of the Grand Prix tracks, for fans of the old original.

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