Excadrill (Darmanitan Slam)
Excadrill Dream
Full Name Excadrill
Gender Male
Location Pokémon Island (Cliff & Volcano areas)
Class Villain
Emboar (boss)
Ability/ies Drilling, slashing, speed
First Appearance Darmanitan Slam

Excadrill is one of the main villains in the Darmanitan Slam series. He is the assistant of the mastermind Kyurem, who actually turned out to be an Emboar in disguise. In his first appearance, he is the boss of the Cliff area. He also leads a clan of Drilbur. It is unknown if he is still employed by Emboar.


Excadrill is always somewhat grouchy. His temper is explosive when things don't go his way. However, he is loyal to his boss, Kyurem. Excadrill is also the boss of a Drilbur clan. He is extremely bossy and has the clan do a lot.

Powers and Abilities

Excadrill is a skilled driller. He attacks by burrowing in the ground, then attack from under Darmanitan's feet. He will also use a slash attack and a spin move. After Darmanitan strikes him, Excadrill will hover around him in his drill form, then try to crash down on him. Darmanitan can dodge this by rolling out of the way.

By spinning, Excadrill is also able to create sandstorms. The sandstorms are not very painful, but they are useful for blinding the enemy when Excadrill is escaping. He has has a lot of strength. He may even be more powerful than Darmanitan if Excadrill had more stamina.

Game Appearances

  • Darmanitan Slam — Excadrill's first appearance. He is the boss of the Cliff area.
  • Darmanitan Slam Party—Excadrill's second appearance. He is a boss in the second-to-last stage. However, you can either fight him or Pignite.