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Exateno, the "Wicked Star"
Exateno SI
Art by Shadow Inferno
Full Name Exateno
Current Age Unknown, stated to be millions years old.
Date of Birth Unknown
Gender Male
Species Star Beast
Align Lawful Evil
Current Status Immortal
Star Horde
Ability/ies Grow giant, Inhale, Copy Ability, reincarnate creatures, weakens darkness with his light power.
Vulnerable To His orb on his tail getting hit (this is his weak spot).
Nationality X-Star
Height Regular: 14 ft 3 in (if Kirby is 3 feet)

Giant: Approximately 70 ft.

Weight Regular: 243.7 lb.

Giant: Approximately over 2500 lb.

Sexuality Unknown, presumably straight
Exateno the Wicked Star
First Appearance Kirby & Magolor: Huge Trouble! (Canon)

Fantendo Smash Bros. Fatality (Foreshadowing Bonus Boss)

Series Kirby (series)
You all reached here with bravery, mortals...but once I conquered your planet, you will have the obligation to serve me. If you refuse, then I am afraid that I will obliviate you...or even becomes my personal treats!
Exateno in the second battle, Kirby & Magolor: Huge Trouble!

Exateno is a god-like and serpant-like villain who debuted as the main antagonist of Kirby & Magolor: Huge Trouble!, and is one of the final bosses of the Kirby series. He leads the colourful but monsterous army called the Star Horde and aimed to conquer all planets of the universe, as well as taking all habitants as either prisoners or soldiers. He is also one of the sources of Exa-Energy, a darkblue-teal colored energy star that can made any beings huge and becomes more powerful.

Due to his complete immortality, nothing in the universe can truly bring him death, no matter how powerful it is. He is still defeatable, but his sheer power could make the people believe he isn't until proven otherwise. However, shall he get defeated, he becomes powerless for a while. Even the most evil creature should not came across with this beast does to his extremely intense light energy that can destroy virtually everything, and thus he became feared by most, if not all forces of darkness. Thankfully, he does not undergo destruction for pleasure and only uses his power to fight.

Exateno had been on fierce battles with multiple foes in his quest of conquest, but he defeated them all despite, in some battles, receiving severe damages, but he doesn't cares much as he heals himself after each battles. When any sort of dark forces get on his way, he uses his intense light power which does weaken or even destroy them.

He also possess a more powerful form known as Infinite Exateno, although he will only use this when his plans keep failing and becomes really infuriated.


Exateno is a large (or immense if he become Giant) serpent-like creature, with blue skin (which seems to be actually furs) and green stripes, purple hair, and green lower jaw as well as sharp teeth. He also have spiked shoulders and green elbows, and his front arm is more covered of furs and have skyblue crystals. He have a black chest which is covered by two golden stripes. His face have a mask-like wear with a darkgreen pattern and his eyes are a combination of red, white and purple.

His hands have a dark-teal star-like pattern on his knuckles and a orange orb on his palms. His back and his tail also have more spikes and more crystals of the same colors. The tip of his tail is a larger, light blue orb that serves as his source of Exa-Energy.

As Exateno X, his body becomes bright yellow, and his hairs into red, his furs into silver, and his mask-like equipment becomes dark-grey.

As Infinite Exateno, his body becomes a shifting color of teal and crimson, and his spikes becomes his tentacle-like limbs. His two arms becomes six hands, and he his fangs becomes black-gray. His eyes are also constantly changing the colors.


Kirby & Magolor: Huge Trouble!

Exateno's debut of the series. He was seen on the intro cutscene, although shadowed and only his spiked back was seen in rainbow color, and his full body was not known until at the final stage of Execrable Star, the second-to-last world and his hideout planet that hold out the eight previous planets. His battle was on his normal size, but after his defeat, he saw the amount of shadow that fled from his planet which he actually unleash it in order to distract Kirby and company and call them out for jeopardized his "duty" to stop the darkness that would infest the Pop Star and potentially destroy it.

After Kirby and the other heroes had defeated Omega 0, it all turned out to be a ruse as Exateno had revealed that he was only toyed with them, and then he challenged them for the real duel in the X-Star, his true hideout. Upon reaching there, he fought harder than usual, and after his second defeat, the Wicked Star grew gigantic and take on the heroes one more time (while eventually even tried to eat them) before being defeated for good and get powerless for a while, which allowed Kirby and the others to have liberated all prisoners and used the Lor Starcutter to get back at their home planet, while Exateno, who saw his defeat, get into a roaring fury.

However, that defeat was not enough to stop him, and at the Ripple Star, during the celebration, he came all of sudden and singlehandedly sealed Kirby, King Dedede, Meta Knight, Bandanna Dee, Magolor, Ribbon, Waddle Daa and Prince Fluff in a huge crystal, and then did the same thing with the rest of the Ripple Star people.

Unfortunately for him, the Helpers came to the rescue and defeated him twice again, thus rescued the main heroes and the Ripple Star citizens. He then realized that instead of reviving the monsters this time, he had taken control of the Souls instead of reviving their assistance, and made a special crown to control Magalor. However, Kirby and the others had recovered Magolor and defeated the Souls, ended up to had his yet another defeat. During the True Arena, when he saw that the plan failed one more time, he became completely mad and unleash his Infinite form. However, he got taken down again, and his explosion caused him to turn back to his normal state, as well as powerless again, then pulsed by the explosion to the Execrable Star and moved it (as well as the X-Star) into very far away of Pop Star, and decided to finally stop before he will go crazy. It is currently unknown if he will actually returns, the creator, Samtendo, said that he would be back but in an unexpected way.

Fantendo Smash Bros. Fatality

Exateno's true debut, albeit possibly not canon unlike his next and official debut. He is the ultimate alternative, secret boss to Toxia, and serves as the ultimate boss of the game, even when compared to other bosses that can be defeated (albeit reasonably less difficult than Gog, the unGoggable). While his role is unknown, it is revealed that he will attempt to murder Unten after the latter refuses to serve him.

The first time Unten sees him, he literally dropped his jaw before he put himself back. This seems out-of-character from Unten but the size and power of Exateno does explain the sudden frightened stance of Unten.

Exateno is nonetheless serves as the ultimate test for expert players, with a mindblowing amount of 2000% HP, higher than even Toxia's combined HPs, and his huge size and power makes him difficult to fight with, with his various attacks, including his tail swing, his inhale ability, and controlling the light to make him more difficult to be seen. The first time, all of his damaging moves will OHKO Unten, so the player must instead dodge him at all cost and hope for an opportunity to fight Exateno back. Attacking his core will only cause 1% damage anyway, and his HP bar will only show at the second phrase.

After Unten had survived long enough, the hidden FDX robot, FDX-000, will jump to save him from Exateno's tail swing, and the robot lets Unten melts her body, which the melts results the robot to become part of Unten's Anti-Biohazard Gear which increase the Attack and Defense stat to enormous proportion and gains a power bosst. As such the real battle will begins.

Exateno keeps all of his used attacks, but with the addition of summoning various minions, in which he revive them shall they get defeated. However, none of his attacks will OHKO Unten now, except of his brutal tail swing. Another addition is that Exateno can now copy Unten's abilities shall his inhale attack had made him eaten Unten (although like Kirby in Super Smash Bros. and in this game, a star will sent back in the air and Unten will be sent back into the field). When Unten's power triples, however, he become reasonably much less difficult, or actually much easier, to be defeated.

Team All-Stars



Exateno, in his usual state, is a reliable and benevolent leader but a beastly and feared monster who have a hunger for conquering all planets he sees. He usually act in an easygoing manner but goes into a more ruder manner when ticked off or insulted, and will only leap into action when facing a threat or if he is under a roaring frustration.

Shall he fail, he will attempt to destroy anything or seal anyone away who are responsible of his defeat. He do enjoyed to be feared by his enemies, but become concerned if his allies are fearing him instead. He also only insults the others when angered.

He have no mercy on disobeidant prisoners, and anyone who tries to escape will ended up to be captured back or worse, eaten as his personal treat. However, he does accept anyone strong or skilled enough to fight and will serve him. Any act of betrayal will caused him to seal it for a good while.

He does not treat his underlings as trash and will not hesitate to revive them, although he will be rather disappointed when they resulted a failure. However, he does not liked that he and his army being compared to any force of corruptible darkness, and the worst for his own men, when he is huge, is to be eaten by their own leader out of frustration, but it occurs rather rarely.

He is also somewhat of a trickster, and loves deceiving his own enemies in order to stall or lose them their focus. This, on top of his power, can be very difficult to anyone not prepared to face him.



  • Does to his ability to become larger, Exateno is considered to be as the longest (by height) Kirby villain to date. Samtendo even said that he could be beyond his usual Giant size, but Exateno himself refuses to do so as he could damage his goals when taking on his foes.
  • His title, "Wicked Star", is also an acronym by the first letter of the following ten first worlds; Waffle Woods, Ice-Cream Icebergs, Chocolate Castles, Kiwi Canyons, Eggplant Electricity, Durian Desert, Salt Sardis, Turnip Trails, Apricot Airs and Rice Resorts.
    • With the last two worlds (Execrable Star and X-Star), this also makes "Wicked Star EX".

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