The Megalopolitan Realms of Exalios, often referred to as just Exalios, is the multiverse in which all of Lone Planet's projects take place.


Genesis Age

Long ago, a while after the Zaxinian Lifts formed, the demoness-goddess Athena Hawkins was growing weary of her status at the time and desired something much more. She decided to create her own multiverse where she could be seen as someone greater than she actually was, and named it Exalios -- translating to "cosmic orbs" in the ancient Zaxinian language.

Athena understood that she would not be able to manage an ever-expanding multiverse on her own (partially because she didn't want to give up her time with her girlfriend, Helena Harper), so she got together with some new deities to assist her:

  • Rosalina, the goddess of light, peace, and the cosmos;
  • Mephiles, the god of darkness, death, and destruction;
  • Oceanbird, the goddess of life and the natural elements, including wind, fire, water, etc.
  • Olmec, the god of civilization, war, and the past;
  • and Giffany, the goddess of technology and the future.

Athena assigned these deities with the task of forming a balance on which the Megalopolitan Realms of Exalios would rely, but over time this proved to be quite a difficult task -- especially in the case of Rosalina and Mephiles, who disagreed on how to enforce Athena's "Common Laws" on humanity. While Rosalina focused on granting rewards for good deeds, Mephiles preferred his own method of punishment for bad ones. However, this disagreement didn't get too personal until much later...

Saturn Age

As the conflict between Rosalina and Mephiles grew worse, it eventually got to the point where Mephiles believed that the only way to properly and firmly enforce Lady Athena's will was to find as many sinful civilizations as he could and bring them down in flames. He spread disease and chaos throughout Exalios, causing the Dark Ages on several Earths. Because of this, Oceanbird and Olmec's powers began to weaken, seeing as Mephiles was taking several lives and destroying several civilizations to satisfy his desire to please Athena. After a long time of spreading darkness, he grew obsessed with death and destruction and began to see it as more of a cheap thrill then a duty; as such, he sought to wipe out Exalios altogether, then recreate it under his own leadership so he could torture as many souls as he so desired.

Lady Athena had had enough of Mephiles' insane love of chaos, and she assembled an army of celestial warriors named the Exalian Knights to end his reign of terror. Rosalina in particular played a large role in the Saturn War, weakening Mephiles' forces and eventually defeating the dark lord himself, then locking him inside Athena's Scepter of Darkness and sending it plummeting through interdimensional space, possibly never to be seen again...

Dreamcast Age

The Renaissance began on many Earths, now that Mephiles had been banished and overall peace had returned to Exalios. In an attempt to continue its expansion, Lady Athena created the Phantom Ruby, which contained what she considered the ultimate power: the power to alter reality and create pocket dimensions where smaller peoples could live without being affected by outside events.

Circa 1523 on Mobius, a jackal named Sadko came across the Scepter of Darkness in an ancient Echidna temple and took it with him to Spagonia University. He studied it for a few weeks before eventually taking it up to the royal palace and accidentally dropping it, releasing Mephiles once again. Mephiles offered to take Sadko under his wing and train him to fight all the sinners of Exalios, admitting that he won't be able to return to Athena's temple for a long time because of his actions. Sadko was uncertain on what he should do until Mephiles declared him his "brother", explaining that they seemed to think so alike they might as well have been related.

Mephiles sent Sadko to sneak into the Athenian Temple and bring him anything that might be useful. Upon arrival, he encountered Athena's Phantom Ruby and escaped with it, much to the dismay of the Exalian Knights. He returned it to Mephiles, who offered to help him gain more fame than he ever would alone; Sadko refused the offer, proclaiming that he doesn't need anyone's help to survive this world, and set out to harness the Phantom Energy for his own purposes.

In 1783, Sadko traveled back to the Athenian Temple, now immortal with a wide variety of illusion-based powers at his disposal, and attempted to topple the Exalian government with Mephiles in tow. He fought Athena, Rosalina, Oceanbird, Olmec, and Giffany, under the belief that they could not truly protect Exalios unless it was divided into several smaller realms. Mephiles finally arrived and confronted both parties, intending to become the supreme being and put things back to the way they should be once and for all. Athena, Mephiles, and Sadko all lunged at each other, and the combined energy of their powers and the Phantom Ruby suddenly fragmented Exalios, spreading everything that had ever been conceived by Athena or her allies among many dimensions. Angered with Mephiles and Sadko, Athena stripped Mephiles of his powers and banished him to a world where lost realities go to fade away -- from then on known as Limbo. She then stole the Phantom Ruby and took away Sadko's memories before ensnaring him in a Null Void -- a pocket dimension where all the concepts of space and time are irrelevant.

After the Phantom Incident, the Exalian deities went their separate ways. Olmec, Oceanbird, and Giffany all decided to retire from their deity positions and let the natural order do its thing. Olmec sealed himself within an ancient stone head in a hidden temple where he could continue to communicate with humanity; Oceanbird dissolved her physical state and began waiting for a time where her powers would be most necessary; and Giffany released her essence into the world so inventions could continue to thrive as they did in the Renaissance.

Modern Age

This era is where Lone Planet's projects generally take place. By this time, belief in the Exalian deities has faded for the most part, but a religious group spread out across Exalios continues to worship Athena and pray for the day she will return and restore their worlds to the form in which they should be: one single Earth where Lady Athena reigns supreme over all others.

Oceanbird has been reincarnated in Realm 648X, also known as the Viciniverse, and has moved to Genius Grove (the main setting of Dexter's Laboratory) with her new husband Windbear.

Rosalina and Mephiles now reside in Realm 419A, a.k.a. the Spursverse and continue to do what they have done for several millenia, waging war against each other under their own ideals for the future of Exalios.

Sadko, now known as Infinite, resides on Mobius in an unnamed timeline.

Circa 1984 in Realm 150T, Dimension GF12, a girl named Centurica Corduroy began studying sorcery. She continued these studies for years, and finally in 1991, she met Infinite, who offered to grant her his own power to create realities. After he gave her a shard of the Phantom Ruby, she created a special book that could form new worlds with mere words or drawings. She never used it until eight years later, when she wrote a series of bedtime stories about underwater creatures for her two-year-old daughter Wendy. This story created the world of Bikini Bottom, in which the events of the SpongeBob SquarePants TV series took place. When she realized the book worked, several other magicians sought to replicate her recipe for said book. Centurica was against this, thinking they were not fit to carry on her legacy of power and wealth. She placed her book on the island above the newly created Bikini Bottom to prevent anyone in her world from finding it, but a few other magicians from other realms stole her formula and shared it with their companions, leading to the creation of multiple other "realmbooks", including one written in Realm V01D's Mushroom Kingdom (in which the first three Paper Mario games take place).

Centurica herself left her family in search of more power, and in 2002 she met the demon known as Bill Cipher, who was disguised in a human form at the time and decided to keep it to date Centurica. She tried to stay in touch with Wendy, but Bill convinced her to stay with him by revealing his true triangular form and telling her he could make her happy in so many ways -- even more so than "the infinity guy" could. Centurica accepted his offer and faked suicide so she could be with Bill and continue to improve her skills in sorcery. However, due to a dispute over his intentions to destroy the world 9-10 years later, she abandoned him and set out to achieve her own goal of Exalian domination.

Key Figures


A list of all known realms within Exalios.


Cuisine varies greatly depending on the location; in some dimensions it greatly resembles cuisine in the real world, and in others there may be foods based around the animals and plants exclusively found in those dimensions. Cuisine has been traded between realms since the end of the Dreamcast Age, creating a unified fusion cuisine unique to Exalios.

Exalian cuisine is mostly intended for interactions between dimensions and realms, and as such is usually not popular within individual worlds.

  • Saiano is a pasta dish that gets its name from the noodles used to make it. Saiano noodles are made with sweet potatoes and served with chicken in an orange sauce to form the dish. It is a very sweet meal, but perhaps not the right choice for everyone.
  • Kicha are cookies baked with raisins, a vanilla-based dough, and a dark chocolate filling, often with cinnamon sprinkled on top.


In the Modern Age of Exalios, religions are different throughout dimensions and realms. The real-world religions Christianity, Islam, Judaism, Buddhism, etc. appear in many worlds, although some religions tend to focus on the deities of the specific dimensions they are enclosed in. Smaller religious groups known as cults are also common, and usually worship entities that are not deities but still have some level of power in their worlds. However, those who support Athenianity continue to worship Athena Hawkins, vowing to obey all of her Common Laws and help clear the path for her to eventually restore Exalios to its original, single-realm state.

The scorpion is seen as a sacred animal in the Athenian religion, because of its striking similarities to Athena herself. Every New Year's Eve, Athenians visit their nearest temple for the annual Faith Exam, where they are required to pet a poisonous scorpion for two minutes to gauge their faith. If the scorpion stings them, then that means they have failed to satisfy Lady Athena's demands; depending on the crimes they have committed and how early the scorpion stung them, the priest can determine whether to give them the antidote as a second chance, or let them perish beneath their sins.