The Exalian Rift is a section of the Omegaverse where most of Lone Planet Productions' series take place.


The Spursverse

Currently home to its Multiverse Guardians. Since development of this multiverse's content is still in its early phases, not much is known about it yet.


Cloud of Vicinity

A large set of multiverses that are the main focus of the Vicinity Saga.



Mystic Fragments

The remains of the old "MGX Studios" timeline. Only a few characters survived its destruction, and its pieces are a basis for the rest of the Exalian Rift.

Other Worlds

The Warpiverse, the timeline where the events of the Destination Timewarp series take place, shows all Cartoon Network characters living in the same universe -- just at different times. Time travel is a big focus here, and Centurica acts as the official center of time for this world.

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