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Exalian Doomsday is a /Knuckleduster video game serving as Lone Planet Productions' equivalent to Exoverse. It will encompass everything MeGa eXal (tbc) has ever created, from his recognizable Fantendo projects to scrapped concepts from when he was a child, as well as some fanfictions.

Development will not begin until Exal has added some depth to his existing franchises, including the Vicinity Saga, Negative Charge, and the Multiversal Silver Spurs series.


Nothing is set in stone when it comes to the roster, but Exalian Doomsday will contain most of the characters from the following universes, among others:

  • Fantendoverse
  • Cloud of Vicinity (Vicinity Saga)
  • Spursverse (Multiversal Silver Spurs)
  • The Negarealms (Negative Charge)

The game will also feature a new team of heroes who must stop the legendary Drooba from fusing the dimensions of the Exalian Rift into one world. They must also fend off the Mindless, creatures with a lack of any sort of thought whatsoever.

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