Eviluma SMG2.5
is a Luma boss. It is red and holds spike balls. He has angry eyes, a open mouth, and a deep voice, unlike most Lumas. He is rare and has only appeared in two games.

Super Mario Galaxy 2.5.

In order to defeat Eviluma, Mario must use the Spike Mushroom to feed him three Spike Balls. After devouring the spike balls, Eviluma becomes so full, that he falls to the ground. This Mario's chance to ground pound him. After being ground pounded, Eviluma will get back up, up spit out the Spike Balls at Mario, which can damage Mario. Mario must repeat this method three times.


  • This battle (Super Mario Galaxy 2.5.) was inspired by the Petey Piranha battle in Super Mario Sunshine.
  • Unlike most Lumas, Eviluma works for the Koopa Troop. Another exception is the Haluma.
  • Eviluma also appeared in New Super Mario Bros (Backwards E) Space Land, but he was named Dark Luma for that game.
  • This is the first Luma which turned evil from good.