Evil Snowman
Evil Snowman's Appearance
Full Name Evil Snowman Figure
Current Age 20
Date of Birth December 15th, 1980
Gender Male
Species Evil Snowman
Current Status Possess
Class Villain
Main Weapon(s) Rolling into a giant Snowball
Ability/ies To roll into a giant Snowball after jumping once.
Vulnerable To Parts on the Rolling ball
First Appearance Mario Country
Evil Snowman is a mysterious snowman-like figure, it is described as having a Teal Snowbody with oil on it, 2 Sticks for arms, a head, and a happy mean expression on the face, some people describe it living out in snowy mountains, during christmas, one touch and people are snowmans, to fix the spell is to destroy the snowman who turned them into ones


He was a human 20 years ago born, he was living his whole live, in 10 years, he became a criminal and begin stealing money and stuffs and kidnapping people, he is depicted as a criminal mastermind, in 10 years again, a spirit begins to talk to him about being bad, and so the spirit begins to suck his soul out, and send it to the Nowhere, in 15 years later, he begins to leave messages on snowy mountain that says "LEAVE AND DON'T COME BACK!", some people dosen't listen to the message, and begin climbing the mountain, they notice a snowman, it comes to life, and stalks the persons who are hiking on the mountain, he leaves into the fog everytime someone encounters him, until a few years.


He looks like a Snowman with a Teal Snow Body with oil on it, it still dosen't melt, it has a head of a snowman with a happy-Mean expression, it has 2 sticks for arms, the fingers of the stick moves

Mario Country

He appears as a boss of Gorilla Glacier, Mario encounters this beast in Mountain's Revenge level, at the start of the fight, he jumps and rolls into a Giant snowball, mario has to throw a shell at it to hit the parts on the snowball : His head, 2 sticks, He would attack mario by rolling, this still continues unless you defeat him, every time he's hit, he will grow, making the battle hard, if hit 3 times, a Top hat would be a newly added part, he must be hit 4 times to be defeated


  • The top hat was added as a new part everytime Evil Snowman is hit 3 times, in the beta, he was wearing a Top hat, but this was scrapped for unkown reasons