Pop dm2 evilminion
Evil Minions are evil clones of Minions.


It has differences from a Minion:

  • Wears grey overalls with El Macho's logo on the front
  • Has crazy purple hair
  • It's body color is purple
  • It has crooked teeth

Game Appearances


They're the main antagonists of the game.

Minion Rush 2

Evil Minions reappear in El Macho's Lair. Now they also appear (but rare) in the background floating in space at the Moon area. You can also play either as an Evil Minion or a normal Minion in an Evil Minion costume. An Evil Minion is a boss as well in the Salsa & Salsa area. The playable Evil Minion can be unlocked by either buying him for 100,000 tokens, Complete the Purple Jelly Minion Mission, or collect five El Macho Coins (which subtracts you bananas by 10).


  • In Minion Rush 2, there's a glitch when you play as an Evil Minion in El Macho's Lair. If you collect the XL Bottle while rolling, the Evil Minion model will appear inside out. Now both playable and enemy Evil Minions' models stay inside out unless if you lose that run. This stops the effect.

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