Evil Empire
Developer(s) Flaming Games (Now Boss Games)
Publisher(s) Flaming Games
Platform(s) Steam
Release Date(s)
Campaign, Free-Play
Age Rating(s)
Genre(s) RTS
Evil Empire is a RTS game by Flaming Games for Steam released April 2nd, 2016 for $8.50. A month later, Boss Games took control of the game and now work on the updates.


The gameplay of Evil Empire revolves around training your own villains, then either defending your base or attacking others bases. This is done through the Recruitment Center which you obtain during the tutorial as a gift from Evilman, from this you can use your Evil Points (you begin with 50 and your first villain costs 10) to recruit villains, buy more stuff, and more. Once your Recruitment Center is level 3 it unlocks the Combine option - using seemingly useless items you can get from attacking people you can either combine your villains with them to get them to have new powers or get stronger, or you can combine villains with other villains - say if you combined Fireman & Iceman, you'd end up with a chance of either getting Waterman or Fire & Ice Man (a villain that shoots both fire & ice, real creative). 

Once you get atleast 3 villains, you get the option to attack other players through 2 methods: You can either have them picked randomly or sort them from weakest to strongest. To prevent people beating on the weak guys (how weak they are is decided on how many attacks they've won & lost, and how many times they've lost trying to defend) once your 5 spots higher on the sort you cannot battle them again. Once you have defeated atleast one player, heroes may randomly attack your base. During these attacks,you'll have to select your villains and pick which ones to fight off the heroes. Some heroes beat certain villains, which brings us to the next section of the game: types.

There's various different types which are basically categories for villains and heroes. Some of these categories are better against other categories, such as Smart Heroes or Smart Villains being able to deal more damage to the Brainless Heroes or Brainless Villains. These categories can decide whether you'll win or lose. If you think you'll end up losing if you get attacked, you can buy certain objects using your Evil Points (obtained from battles) which will fight back. For instance, buy a trapdoor trap incase the path to your headquarters (the main place you defend with the villains) is a bit too short or too easy to pass.


Villains & Heroes

Traps & Inventions