Current Age 17
Date of Birth Unknown
Zodiac Sign Gemini
Gender Female
Species Human
Family and Relations
Inversim (father)

Tiera (mother)

Main Weapon(s) Eternity Shroud, pyride staff
Ability/ies Eternity Shroud-based abilities
First Appearance Pyroverse: ORIGIN

Evi is a character developed for the Pyroverse, lacking a specific game series but meant to act as a prominent character within the Pyroverse canon.


Evi acts extremely emotionally distant, being the sort of standard "stoic hero" type. However, this stoic facade is merely that, a brave face put up to avoid and defend against her abusive childhood and secret fear of being a hero. She tries her best to act as a leading figure for denizens of the Pyroverse, having more experience acting as a "hero" than most.


Evi's first known appearance can be traced back to an interdimensional broadcast accompanied by her father, Inversim. Evi herself appeared via interdimensional portal a short time later, though little is known about her prior existence.

More TBA



Evi's Diaries

Evi is the star of the titular show, with the series meant to act as an explanation behind Pyroverse lore alongside her backstory.

Pyroverse: ORIGIN



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