Full Name Evelyn
Current Age 19
Date of Birth 780FC
Gender Female
Species Human
Location Noah
Thieves Guild
First Appearance Strafe: Heaven Born
Latest Appearance Strafe: Heaven Born

Evelyn is a member of the Thieves Guild who appears in Strafe: Heaven Born as a supporting character.


Evelyn, much like Strafe, was raised from early childhood amongst the Thieves Guild. Her parents immigrated to Jonethr from elsewhere in Aereus and settled in Noah, where she was born. Not much more of her past is elaborated upon, however (particularly how she came to join the Thieves Guild).

Strafe: Heaven Born

Evelyn appears in Strafe: Heaven Born alongside fellow guild members Zanzabar and Xaler as the three major guild NPCs. Evelyn is heavily implied to have a crush on Strafe, and creates the Lizard Plush Toy for him (expressing annoyance when he immediately finds a way to use it as a tool for thievery). She later creates the Dragon Plush Toy, reasoning that if he's going to use it to distract guards anyway she might as well make it more useful for him by exploding too.

Personal Information

Physical Description


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