Evell Holder
Current Age N/A
Gender Male
Species Human
Location Las Vegas
Evell Holder is a protagonist of The Triad, the first story of Voidverse Future. Evell has the power to travel through time, as well as the two realities in the overall Voidverse series (the one with The Void and the one without it).






Gerald Mount

Gerald is Evell's father.

Anna Holder

Anna is Evell's mother.

Dyllan Altmanti

Dyllan is a member of The Triad, along with Evell and Allison.

Allison Cerato

Allison is a member of The Triad, along with Evell and Dyllan. She also is romantic with him during The Triad's journey to 1980 to learn the use of the Shockwave.


  • Evell shares the "ll" tag in his name with several other characters with Light abilities. This tag was used at Leading Laboratories to track the powerful light children. However, because Evell was never a Leading Labs child, it can be theorized that he was given the name for symbolic reasons.

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