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Eve Jellax
Eve Jellax, Boare's closest friend.
Full Name Eve Jellax
Gender Female
Location Bilben
Current Status Alive
Class Slime Priestess
First Appearance None

Eve Jellax is a Slime Priestess, residing in the village of Bilben on the planet Xellantran. When her planet came under the attack of Doomulus Nine, she came across Boare and learned of the prophecy concerning him.


Eve Jellax is a slime woman with yellow eyes and a blue goopy body. She has dark blue hair. Her goo-like body can form into various shapes although none of these shapes can be used for combat.


Eve is a very motherly kind of character with the belief that nobody tries to be a bad person. Eve does not express her feelings often, and she often has trouble doing so. She is frustrated that she is no use in combat and is loosing faith in the religion she teaches, only preaching it to get a paycheck these days.


Eve can mold her body into various shapes, however due to it's goopy structure these do not hold for very long nor can be used for combat. Sword strikes and bullets do not effect her, although fire will burn and kill her.


Boare: Savior of Xellantran