Evangelion: The Angel Wars
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Developer(s) Dark Light Studios 1
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Platform(s) WiiU, NX, PS4, Xbox One, PC, Visus Sphere
Age Rating(s)
OFLC M rating
Genre(s) MMO, RPG, Shooter, Action
Series Evangelion

Evangelion : The Angel Wars is an upcoming MMORPG for the WiiU, Ps4, Xbox One & PC. It takes place after the events of the anime, in t he true ending where the Third Impact was halted. The game has the player controlling a recruit at the EVA academy who, along with their classmates and other EVA pilots is tasked with protecting Earth from the new Angels.


The game is a predominantly open world environment taking the appearance of two scales; Human and Eva. In the Human scale the player can move around the various cities in the game and start missions or head to the city's NERV outpost to launch their EVA. In the human scale, the player will be able to witness daily events via the Monitors in the cities, which show which city is on lockdown due to an Angel.

When in an EVA the player can move around surrounding fields, forests, deserts and caves to encounter random enemy Angels as well as perform missions to hunt down the larger Angels. In combat the player's EVA has several weapons that can be changed while the player is at a NERV outpost. The player will have a primary weapon, secondary weapon, melee weapon and artillery weapon. Each weapon has different stats and attributes which determine what types of Angels they are effective against.

As the EVAs are now equipped S2 Engines, combat can vary in time and also means the player must be aware of their surroundings as they have the risk of the S2 Engines being destroyed. After taking a certain amount of damage (decreases with levels) or once every day for free, the player is able to enter Beast Mode, the controllable Beserk Mode.

Attack Styles

In the game every weapon and piece of armour is designated an Attack Style. This determines the attack styles that piece is effective or weak to. Below is a list of what each Attack Style is strong and weak against.

  • Brute: (Strong - Pierce, Megaton, Charge) (Weak: Agile, Energy, Psychic)
  • Agile: (Strong - Brute, Psychic, Pierce) (Weak - Slash, Energy, Charge)
  • Slash: (Strong - Agile, Energy, Psychic) (Weak - Pierce, Charge, Megaton)
  • Pierce: (Strong - Slash, Megaton, Charge) (Weak - Brute, Agile, Psychic)
  • Megaton: (Strong - Energy, Charge, Slash) (Weak - Pierce, Psychic, Brute)
  • Psychic: (Strong - Megaton, Brute, Pierce) (Weak - Agile, Energy, Slash)
  • Energy: (Strong - Brute, Psychic, Agile) (Weak - Megaton, Charge, Slash)
  • Charge: (Strong - Slash, Energy, Agile) (Weak - Megaton, Pierce, Brute)


The game features many Angels, varying in size and shape. They are categorised based on size and attack power into four categories; Regular, Giant, Archangel & Other. Angels from across the Anime appear in the game with all Angels except; Adam, Lilith, The Third Angel (Evangelion 2.0 Version), Ireul, Leliel, Twelfth Angel (Rebuild Version), Tabris & Lilin.

Regular Enemies

Angel Name Level Range Attack Style
Huncher 1-6 Brute
Slicer 2-8 Slash
Dagger 2-8 Pierce
Wisp 3-8 Agile
Slugger 7-13 Brute
Blade Arm 9-16 Slash
Jabber 9-17 Pierce
Blinder 9-21 Agile
Bullet Storm 14-22 Brute/Agile
Hammer Fist 14-23 Brute/Megaton
Mega Blade 17-25 Slash/Brute
Cyber Blade 17-26 Slash/Energy
Lancer 18-25 Pierce/Agile
Shrouder 18-26 Pierce/Psychic
Gunner 22-27 Agile/Megaton
Pulse 22-27 Agile/Psychic
Cybernetic 23-30 Brute/Agile
Juggernaut 24-30 Brute
Hammer 24-30 Brute/Megaton
Bruiser 23-30 Megaton
Giga Blade 26-30 Slash/Brute
Longsword 27-30 Slash
Plasmoid 27-30 Slash/Energy
Overcharge 26-30 Charge
Sprinter 26-30 Pierce/Agile
Archer 27-30 Pierce
Night Stalker 27-30 Pierce/Psychic
Foreseer 26-30 Psychic
Sniper 28-30 Agile/Megaton
Breaker 28-30 Agile
Medic 28-30 Agile/Charge
Laser 28-30 Energy
Crusher 31-50 Brute
Heavyweight 31-50 Megaton
Ragnarok 31-50 Slash
Rammer 31-50 Charge
Tear 31-50 Pierce
Gazer 31-50 Psychic
Whisper 31-50 Agile
Photon 31-50 Energy

Giant Enemies

Angel Name Level Range Attack Style
Arariel 15-75 Agile/Megaton
Pahaliah 15-75 Slash
Ambriel 15-75 Psychic/Brute
Abathar 15-75 Megaton/Pierce
Haniel 15-75 Brute
Michael 15-75 Slash/Energy
Maalik 15-75 Energy
Moroni 15-75 Megaton/Brute
Munkar 15-75 Psychic
Nakir 15-75 Psychic
Metatron 15-75 Pierce/Charge
Ahriman 15-75 Brute
Harut 15-75 Energy
Marut 15-75 Energy
Cassiel 15-75 Megaton/Slash
Dumah 15-75 Pierce/Charge
Hadraniel 15-75 Megaton
Jegudiel 15-75 Slash/Energy
Phanuel 15-75 Energy
Kiraman 15-75 Brute/Psychic
Kushiel 15-75 Slash/Pierce
Ariel 15-75 Energy
Leliel 15-75 Agile
Gabriel 15-75 Agile/Charge
Barachiel 15-75 Energy/Charge
Muriel 15-75 Megaton/Psychic
Nuriel 15-75 Megaton/Charge
Hesediel 15-75 Charge
Jehoel 15-75 Energy/Charge
Netzach 15-75 Psychic/Megaton
Abaddon 15-75 Charge/Brute
Azrael 15-75 Psychic/Energy
Adriel 15-75 Brute/Psychic

Archangel Enemies

Angel Name Level Range Attack Style
Ignis 45-90 Brute/Energy
Aqua 45-90 Agile/Psychic
Terra 45-90 Slash/Megaton
Ventus 45-90 Pierce/Charge
Glaciem 45-90 Pierce/Megaton
Luto 45-90 Brute/Psychic
Fulgur 45-90 Agile/Energy
Arena 45-90 Slash/Charge
Lux 45-90 Energy/Agile
Tenebris 45-90 Psychic/Brute
Spero 45-90 Energy
Sapientia 45-90 Psychic
Potestatem 45-90 Charge
Unitatem 45-90 Megaton

Other Enemies

Angel Name Level Range Attack Style
Oculus 1-100 Psychic/Energy
Auris 1-100 Energy/Agile
Ore 1-100 Charge/Slash
Manu 1-100 Brute/Megaton
Porca 1-100 Pierce/Psychic
Vigilia 1-100 Energy/Pierce
Audire 1-100 Megaton/Charge
Clamore 1-100 Slash/Brute
Tangere 1-100 Megaton/Slash
Odor 1-100 Psychic/Agile
Sensu 1-100 Psychic

Returning Angels

Angel Name Level Range Attack Style
Sachiel 16 Brute
Shamshel 23 Psychic
Ramiel 32 Pierce/Megaton
Gaghiel 39 Megaton/Agile
Clockiel 42 Psychic
Israfel 48 Agile/Slash
Sandalphon 56 Megaton
Matarael 64 Pierce/Energy
Sahaquiel 72 Megaton/Brute
Bardiel 81 Pierce/Charge
Zeruel 89 Brute/Psychic
Arael 94 Psychic
Armisael 99 Energy/Slash

Introduced Angels

Angel Name Level Range Attack Style
Bellatorael 60 Slash/Brute
Sanatorophon 68 Psychic/Energy
Arcumael 77 Agile/Pierce
Ultimael 100 All

EVA Units

In the game, EVA units from the anime appear in addition to player-made EVA units and introduced EVA units. This is due to various characters returning although the time passed is shown in the change of the EVA Units design.

Returning EVA Units and Pilots

  • Evangelion Unit-00 - Rei Ayanami (Clone)
  • Evangelion Unit-01 - Shinji Ikari
  • Evangelion Unit-02 - Asuka Langley Soryu
  • Evangelion Unit-03 - Toji Suzuhara
  • Evangelion Unit-05 - Mari Illustrious Makinami
  • Evangelion Unit-06 - ???
  • Evangelion Unit-08 - ???
  • Evangelion Unit-09 - Rei Ayanami (Clone)
  • Evangelion Unit-13 - Shinji Ikari & Player (Dual Control)

Introduced EVA Units

  • Evangelion Unit-07 - ???
  • Evangelion Unit-10 - Melchior
  • Evangelion Unit-11 - Balthasar
  • Evangelion Unit-12 - Casper
  • Evangelion Unit-14 - ???



These are locations where the player can move in their Human Character, while no battles take place in these cities there are several battles in other cities.

  • Tokyo-3
  • Beijing
  • Berlin
  • New Delhi
  • Islamabad
  • Washington D.C.

Regions & Countries

The more open areas of these regions and countries are where the player can encounter lesser angels as well as battle in PVP matches. 8 Countries in addition to 6 regions are part of this category.

  • Kanto Region
  • Peking Region
  • Delhi Region
  • Islamabad Capital Territory
  • Maryland Region
  • Virginia Region
  • Brazil
  • Chile
  • South Africa
  • Somalia
  • Morocco
  • Norway
  • Philippines
  • Australia
  • New Zealand


  • The total number of angels, has once again returned to the original 18 (Lilith is not an enemy), the three from the original that were removed were; Adam, Ireul & Leliel.
    • Adam was removed due to the game explaining that the new Angels are actually parts of Adam as opposed to his children, and most have taken the form of the children.
    • Ireul, being a Microscopic Angel would be unable to be fought as the EVA units are too large and Bardiel is kept instead.
    • Leliel was also removed due the manner in which Shinji defeated it in the Anime was by utilizing Unit-01's Beserk Mode, a feature not available in the game. Although he also used this mode against Zeruel, that angel had a physical manifestation that Shinji fought.
  • All EVA Units have been upgraded to S2 Engines so they do not have to run on the batteries
  • Several Angels from the Anime behave similarily to how they did before, however to a lesser extent, for example Bardiel & Armisael is posess EVA Units 03 & 00 respectively although they are not destroyed like they were in the anime. Bardiel has its Core exposed during the battle after some of EVA Unit-03's armour is destroyed, the same is true for Armisael with Eva Unit-00.


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