Möbius, I've seen things. I've seen the entire world destroyed at the hands of one man. I've been killed by that man. And I've seen that man reset everybody's memories to atone for his sins. Everybody except for me, Möbius. Today, I swear that this eternal cycle will come to an end. Today, you finally die.

Current Age 32
Date of Birth 20/1/959
Gender Female
Species Kahri
Main Weapon(s) Kahrian Broadcleaver
Ability/ies Above-average combat abilities

Retains all knowledge from previous timelines

Access to Time Cross technique

Vulnerable To Chronal fracturing
First Appearance Infinity Limit

Euler is a major character in Infinity Limit.


Compared to fellow time-traveler Möbius, Euler is incredibly high-strung and schizophrenia, being one of the few people in the world possessing knowledge of his many timeline resets.

It is mentioned that prior to the time spell incident, Euler was a serene paragon of chivalry, leading the Galanta military into battle. However, she eventually became brash and hot-blooded after becoming slightly deranged due to gaining multiple timelines worth of memory.


Euler was originally the leader of the Galanta military, working directly alongside the king in terms of warfare matters. However, when the kingdom was attacked by the mysterious time mage who erased the kingdom from existence, she was one of the few who has survived, though changed by the spell. Saddened by the loss of everything she knew, she sank into a deep depression.

Eventually, she noticed that certain events began repeating themselves over and over, despite nobody else being able to recognize this phenomenon. Eventually, she came across her old colleague Möbius, who was committing truly horrible acts of violence, even killing her in a straight battle- then, she reawakened, finding the man acting much kinder. Realizing that Möbius was responsible for the time resets, and that she possessed memories of all the past timelines, she vowed to train and train until the day she could finally defeat him.



In Infinity Limit


  • Euler is named after the Euler characteristic, a measure of a polyhedron's shape and structure.
    • The Euler characteristic of the Möbius strip is 0.