Eton, The Diamond Souless
Full Name Eton
Current Age N/A
Gender Male
Current Status Alive
Great One's Followers
Main Weapon(s) Shining Gate
Vulnerable To Puresoul
First Appearance Out of Many
Latest Appearance One
Eton is the Souless of Diamond, and a major character in the Forgotten Unity series. Eton serves The Great One, who gives him his most powerful weapon: the shield-producing, impenetrable defense of the Shining Gate.


Eton is usually calm and collected; possessing a large amount of knowledge and carrying a secret agenda throughout his time in the world of Blank has made him this way. Though an agile fighter with his very strong and sharp pieces of diamond, the main power of his Gate is defense, which he uses to buy himself time in battle so he can figure out an opponent's weakness and exploit it quickly. Despite being a determined follower of The Great One, Eton is relatively good-natured.


Eton wears a signature gray robe, common to villains of stories by Dk64rules (tbc). Under this, however, is agile diamond fighting armor In the case where Eton is locked in harsh battle, he can easily remove the elegant robe cover and move more freely throughout the area. Eton also has pale skin like all Souless, and light brown hair. The collar-like mechanism he wears around his shoulders keeps his diamond armor powered by the Shining Gate.




  • Eton's center gate symbol is often used as the symbol of the series.
  • Eton was the first Souless to be designed, and the first Souless to be created.
  • Eton's design stage was also the time when the Gates were created, as a way to give the Souless something to recognize them by.
  • Backwards, Eton's name spells note, a reference to the infamous Dk64rules (tbc) story, Note I. For a short period, it was considered that DK's next story be a Note I remake, but that did not turn out well and was scrapped.

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