Etinésa Rodriguez
Etinésa Rodriguez
Etinésa, a princess of a planet far away
Full Name Etinésa Jennifer Rodriguez
Current Age 19
Date of Birth July 16th
Zodiac Sign Cancer
Gender Female
Species Midulan
Location Midula
Align Good
Current Status Alive, ruling over Midula
Class Princess
Family and Relations
Tayshaun Fitzgerald (boyfriend and hero), Carli Bailey (friend)
Ability/ies Powerful elements
Nationality 25px-Flag of USA
Ethnicity Latina
Height 5'0"
First Appearance Tayshaun's Adventure
Latest Appearance Amy vs The Future 2

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Etinésa is a "Midulan" from Midula. She is apparently princess of a faraway kingdom.


Etinésa has black hair with red streaks, a long black dress that goes down to the point her feet aren't visible normally. There have been times where her feet have shown and she's had combat boots or high heels on, but they're not visible aside from that. She also has black fingerless gloves and her eyes are a rainbow colour. She also has a tattoo on her left arm resembling a griffin, to remind her of a human/beast that once came to her rescue before meeting Tayshaun.


Etinésa was born into a bizarre family. Her parents were king and queen of a far-off planet, her brother was apparently a prince, but he rejects the role whenever it's brought up, saying he doesn't want the pressure, and Etinésa was more or less dragged in to the royalty for the reason of having an heir to the throne, seeing as if the kingdom had no king or queen, it'd apparently go into anarchy. Etinésa's princess role is secret, and only one person besides her family knows she is a princess - Tayshaun, her boyfriend, although she has suspicions that DeMarcus, Tayshaun's friend, may know. Etinésa is targeted quite a bit by an evil force by the name of Santolio, who tries to steal her powers, or take over her body for an unexplained reason. Tayshaun always fights him away, however, and he keeps Etinésa safe.


Etinésa is usually short tempered and will take her rage out on someone who is unlucky enough to be in the same area as her. She can also be extremely cocky, snide or even flirty.

Appearences in gamesEdit

  • Tayshaun's Adventure - Etinésa is kidnapped in Tayshaun's Adventure and Tayshaun sets out to save her.
  • Amy vs The Future - Etinésa appears in Amy vs The Future.
  • Tayshaun & Amy - The Other Side - Etinésa is set to appear in an episode of Tayshaun & Amy - The Other Side.
  • Amy vs The Future 2 - Etinésa is a somewhat key character in Amy vs The Future 2.



  • Etinésa is like the Tayshaun & Amy equivalent to Zelda or Peach.
  • The planet Etinésa rules goes by the name of Midula.