Ethan Slaaz
(17, born November 4th)
6'0" Gender: ️ Male
190 lbs Sexuality: Bi
NAME Ethan Mustaine Slaaz
WEAPON Own boxing arms
OCCUPATION(S) Demon hunter
FAMILY Athena Hawkins (her discarded shell)
CURRENT QUARTERS Christmas Island, Woodinn








Ethan Mustaine Slaaz is the discarded shell of Athena Hawkins, an egotistical angel that once starred in a self-insert film regarded as "The Realm of Dreams" at a young age prior to his death. An adventurous and courageous, but ultimately depressed person, Ethan as an entity was abandoned entirely by Athena when she transitioned from male to female, left in her shadow to rot. Having gone to Heaven as he had done no wrong, the angel was left dismayed and hurt by his living self's decision to abandon him, taking the occupation of a demon hunter so he can take her life and the lives of anyone that are close to her as revenge. As Ethan has never ever come across Athena since their separation into two completely separate identities, he hopelessly wanders down the streets in a search for her that is fueled only by his vengeance, anger, and schizophrenia. He is technically a self-insert of Athena Hawkins, but primarily her vengeful, very unstable past self as a male.

Physical description

Ethan Slaaz is a somewhat inverse Athena Hawkins, featuring no muscular development, a heavy trenchcoat with a hood hanging behind his head, and white-hot skin complete with several blue bruises. Hanging above his head is a golden halo. His eyes are like Athena's but with blue pupils and lime-green glasses, and his hair is black with no ponytail and with curls at the tips. Tiny amounts of facial hair can be found on his face, though not a lot due to problems he personally has with facial hair. His teeth are shaped to be like an average human's and his tongue is pinkish-red, unlike Athena's. His hands are clawed and poke viciously out from his sapphire boxing gloves, and has a scorpion tail that hangs from above his buttocks, a leftover from Athena's transformation.


Ethan is an egotistical person at the core, self-boasting frequently and making many comments about his personal progress in life and comparing himself to others intensely to display his "growth". Though he has a fairly extrovert personality at the surface, he is actually a cowardly introvert that holds lots of grudges for those that have hurt him, even to minor degrees, and works through life living off his own hatred and sorrow rather than off of his actual accomplishments. He is dismayed, hurt, and depressed almost all the time, and this sorrow gets worse and worse with time as it's been caused entirely by Athena's decision to leave him in the dirt to rot entirely. He has no soulmate, no love, no passion, no nothing now as Athena took it all away from him, leaving him to become very jealous and angry at his female counterpart. He is often seen as pessimistic.

Other than his burning hatred for Athena, he is a carefree individual that somewhat tries to fight for his own will and freedom, keeping his true feelings away from those around him. At times he may be bored or display dissatisfaction with the world he lives in, though.


Ethan Slaaz is super strong, able to easily punch holes into anything with his super-strong fists, his muscles bulging with every punch and swing he throws. He can break almost anything with his fists, which are apparently strong enough to make clean holes through metal. As he is an angel, he is immortal, but this does not leave him invincible to pain - in fact, it is easy to pain him and make him cringe as he waits for the pain to go away if you know how to hit him hard. He may not teleport or fly around, having the mobility of an average human, but he does have low gravity and never really runs out of stamina due to him no longer being limited by some human limitations. In spite of his flaws, Ethan is actually very smart - his intelligence allows him to tell where enemies or deities wait, and he often strategizes before starting a fight so he has the best chances of throwing them down. With a good shot from a bow and arrow he uses rarely, he may fall a deity in one blow - assuming his shot is strong enough and if he fires at a PRECISE angle to their heart.



  • He is the fictional recreation of Athena Hawkins' discarded masculine past, though stronger and obviously exaggerated.
  • Though Athena identifies as homosexual almost exclusively, Ethan is bisexual. This refers to Athena's bisexuality thoughts when she identified as male.

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